Twenty Five Great Topic Ideas for your Scholarship Essays

It isn’t easy to get a place in undergraduate or graduate programs. What can be even more difficult is working out how to pay college fees and support oneself for the duration. One option open to students is to apply for grants. While grants are given by the government, scholarships are usually awarded by corporate businesses, charities and a variety of scholarship-focused organizations. However, to win a scholarship, the applicant is required to submit an application essay. Choosing suitable scholarship essay topics is the first challenge in the process. Here, we offer 25 interesting topic ideas to get students started.

25 Interesting Topic Ideas

  1. How I learned the importance of dedication and commitment through my passion for swimming.

  2. How a little activism on my part gave me my first taste of the world of politics (this is a good topic for any scholarship essay!)

  3. How I used my own initiative to survive an impoverished childhood.

  4. The business I started up in high school – my first attempt at entrepreneurship.

  5.  My journey into a whole new world – how I had to learn a new language and adapt to a new culture when I left my home country.

  6. How I found a whole new world of opportunity when I learned to think outside the box.

  7. Why I think scholarships can make higher education more expensive but why I still need to apply for one (you might find this a suitable topic if you are just learning how to write a scholarship essay).

  8. Mediocracy has no place in modern college life – why today’s students have to work harder than ever.

  9. Having attended a military high school and survived the stringent rules that apply to such an academy, my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

  10. The decision to volunteer abroad gave me a unique chance to see some parts of the world. How that experience changed my perspective on life?

  11. Why do I believe it is alright to dream the impossible – because I think it is possible to achieve great things if one sets their hopes and aspirations high!

  12. Why I hope my degree in environmental science will allow me to help find a solution to world hunger (this is another topic that fits the scholarship essay format well).

  13. The role models who set me on my current path and helped shape who I am.

  14. How a frantic few years taught me to juggle two part-time jobs, volunteer work and my favorite sport.

  15. How being adopted gave me a chance to explore an entirely new world.

  16. Why I became involved in volunteering – I always wanted to work for a charity organization, and it gave me the opportunity to help people who are not as fortunate as myself.

  17. Why I think my mom is a hero – she has been my cook, caregiver, driver and mom all in one – as well as being a career person and accomplished author in her own right.

  18. I think a military career is beneficial from both a personal and societal point of view, and it allows one to work from different bases continually (do not forget you can always ask the experts at if you want more tips on how to start a scholarship essay).

  19. It was by volunteering to work with a speech therapist that I learned to speak more clearly and developed a passion for public speaking.

  20. How I would like to help end discrimination – by trying to persuade employers to adopt greater diversity into their workforces.

  21. How my life changed for the better and was given a new dimension through what I learned from my science teacher.

  22. What impact I think diversity has on colleges and in workplaces.

  23. Why I want to study mathematics at college. (This is another good option for anyone struggling to find good scholarship essay topics.)

  24. How science became my favorite subject and why more girls should do science, math and technology courses.

  25. How one can discover new ideas and dreams and meet new people by stepping out of their comfort zone.


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