Assembling An Outline For A Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Essay Outline for Students

Usually, essay requires an author to reflect a personal view on the certain issue. However, persuasive essay works a little bit differ from other writing styles. Here, the writer needs to provide strong arguments to try to convince the audience in believing in a certain idea or to behave in a certain way. For this, you are supposed to gather as much reliable information as possible to prove that your knowledge is solid on the current topic. Moreover, your writing should not be prejudice and should reflect both sides, so that even if you describe only one part of a problem, you should still show the different one.

Getting Prepared to Persuasive Essay Outline

The first steps to composing an outline for persuasive essay must include thorough preparation of material gathering and sorting of ideas. First of all, you are obliged to take your position of what you will be trying to convince the readers. Your essay should include solid explanations that will be proven with facts. This will make your idea look really serious with plenty of supportive statements. Moreover, it is recommended to find a few sayings by popular identities in the current field. Expert’s opinions are a good motivation to drag the readers to the correct side.

Data gathering is a process that should acquaint you with all the information before starting the writing process. Be sure that your material is of high quality and that your resources are reliable enough. Perhaps, the last thing you want is to be accused of lying and intentional information changing. Even all of the persuasive essay outlines contain only checked information, taken from solid resources. Conduct a research that will check the sites with academic references. If it is possible, you may interview a living expert as a genuine interview is considered to be the most proven source of material.

As soon as you have collected enough data for the writing, it is high time to make an outline for your essay. As it has already been mentioned, you should make a two-sided persuasive essay, but make a stress for the side you have chosen, so that readers did not think that you deceived them by not mentioning another side of the issue. If you search for a persuasive outline examples, you are likely to find that an average one consists of six paragraphs. As every outline, it should be structurally written, presenting your ideas in sequential order. Also, it is a great means of developing your thesis as you see your text in a brief variant and can analyze the structure, the main idea and in this way combine all this information into a single thesis statement.

The best way to try to convince your audience is by using a lot of figurative language means, such as metaphors, epithets, similes, allegories, and analogies. The last one is used the most often as by pointing on something happened in the past (that was either successful or not, depending on your purpose of current example) you may earn an additional point of the audience trust. By involving solid reasoning skills, there are no difficulties in showing the evidence and combining it with the past experience.

Another way to resort to readers’ attention and the feeling is using different variations of rhetoric devices. By combining logo, pathos as well as ethos you appeal to the audience’s emotions and make them feel related to the current topic. Depending on a topic, you should decide, what type of emotions your essay should evoke. In case you require sympathy, it is necessary to use vocabulary to call for sadness, sorrow and perhaps a bit of pain. On the other hand, if your task is to anger, your language should be strict, abrupt and of course official. A language is a powerful tool that can definitely change the mind of at least your audience.

The final proofreading should be attentive and demanding. The majority of the time should be spent on a thesis statement. If it does not reflect your essay, even if your arguments are strong and your supporting statements are excellent, your essay will be ambiguous that will prevent a reader from clear perceiving of the main subject. Be sure there are enough transitions and they all have academic relevance. Substitute the ones that are not but try to avoid tautology. Eradicate all the punctuation and grammar mistakes, as they are the most annoying for what you are doing. With all these efforts you must have come up with the similar outline.


  • Hook of the essay
  • Background information
  • Thesis statement

Main Body First Paragraph:

  • Topic sentence for the purpose of the paper
  • Argument to the theme of writing
  • Examples of the argument
  • Opposing side of the argument
  • Summarizing the first argument

Main Body Second Paragraph:

  • Topic sentence for the purpose of the paper
  • Argument to the theme of writing
  • Examples of the argument
  • Opposing side of the argument
  • Summarizing the second argument

Main Body Third Paragraph:

  • Topic sentence for the purpose of the paper
  • Argument to the theme of writing
  • Examples of the argument
  • Opposing side of the argument
  • Summarizing the third argument


  • Summary of all arguments
  • Brief personal image
  • Dragging for action


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