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Students want to write perfect papers. However, being perfect is impossible without possessing outstanding writing skills. Punctuation is an important aspect of academic writing. Unfortunately, many students and teachers keep ignoring it. With the help of proper essay punctuation, you can improve the quality of your paper writing. You can send a clear message to the reader and emphasize the most important parts of your work. Unfortunately, punctuation errors are quite common in essay writing. You need to avoid these mistakes by all possible means. In most cases, students find it hard to cope with commas, semicolons, and colons. If you read our blog, you will learn how to manage your essay punctuation more professionally.

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Thus, let's start with commas. These are the most problematic aspect of essay punctuation. It is quite common for students not to use commas at all or to use them too often. Remember that any comma that is used inappropriately or avoided where it is needed can distort the meaning of your sentence. So, if you are listing more than three objects, people, or phenomena in a row, make sure to use the comma. For example, "my family consists of my mother, my brother, and my sister." You should also use a comma when you could use "and" instead. For example, "fast and furious" can also look as "fast, furious." Of course, when you have difficulties with punctuation, you can use an essay punctuation checker to improve the quality of your essay punctuation. Still, even the most perfect checker will never help you produce an excellent paper. Remember that software is a machine. It cannot think. You should use your skills to check your essay punctuation. This is how you can greatly improve the quality of your writing.

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Now it is time to think about colons. These often make students confused. Too many colons are as bad as too few. So, be balanced and reasonable in how you use colons in writing. Don't forget a simple fact: you cannot become a good writer if you fail to master the basic rules of essay punctuation. Don't leave the issues of punctuation until the last moment. Use the essay editing opportunity to check is all colons and semicolons are in the right place. You will look much stronger, and your essay will sound much more competitive and interesting if you manage to use punctuation correctly. As for the colon, you can always use it before you list some items, persons, phenomena, etc. For example, there are three students in the classroom: Mary, Jane, and Edward. This is actually the most common use of a colon. Semicolons are used much more frequently. However, again, don't exceed your limits. Put yourself in your reader's shoes. Learn how to write an excellent essay and improve the quality of your essay punctuation today.

So, speaking about semicolons, you can use it when your sentence consists of two independent clauses. For example, I've got a present; Lily has got nothing. Both clauses could become an independent sentence, but you decided to unite them, because you and Lily are friends, and she is envious about your present. In other words, both clauses are somewhat related, and a semicolon is a perfect way to emphasize this relation. Just know that the use of semicolons can be appropriate in a particular context. Thus, you need to consider this context, when dealing with your punctuation. The use of semicolons does not exclude a possibility of using transitions and transitional words. For instance, "I would love to have an ice cream; however, I don't like it as much as I like candy." All in all, essay punctuation can benefit you, or it can drown you in your own academic failures. Choose whatever you like and improve your essay punctuation every day. 

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