Why It Is Important to Choose Good Research Essay Topics

By its nature, a research essay means that the writer needs to learn everything there is to know about their topic before they start writing about it. Therefore, it is important that the research essay topics you choose will interest you.Having an interest in a topic makes it easier to write about, and the task will be much more pleasant. Furthermore, you will write with greater passion.

During the process of learning about your topic and writing your research essay, you may need to revisit and modify your thesis statement or central research question so that these are a good match for the data you are analyzing and writing about. Be guided by your interests and do not hesitate to switch topic if you find your initial choice was not as much fun as you first thought.     

100 Great Topic Ideas for your Research Papers

  1. What do you think is the best way to repel insects?

  2. What Olympic sports did the ancient Greeks practice?

  3. What did Cleopatra’s reign do for Egypt and how did she come to power?

  4. How does a Global Positioning System work?

  5. What contribution did the longbow make to English military efforts?

  6. How are humans affected by tobacco usage?

  7. Are there any programs available to help war veterans reintegrate into civilian life and what are they?

  8. Do you think anyone ever escaped Alcatraz?

  9. How much is known about ninjas?

  10. What caused the fall of the Roman Empire? (This is a popular topic and is suitable for both experienced writers and those just learning how to write a research essay).

  11. How are teenagers and children affected by video games?

  12. How was Abraham Lincoln’s assassination plotted and carried out?

  13. Describe what the Magna Carta was and how England was affected by it.

  14. How did society change as a result of the Freedom Riders?

  15. What navigational techniques were used by ancient sailors?

  16. What was a Salem witch trial?

  17. How has the skateboard changed since its invention and how was it invented?

  18. Are humans doing enough to protect endangered wildlife?

  19. Why is sleep necessary to people?

  20. Describe the architectural wonders one would find in the Aztec Empire capital – Tenochtitlan.

  21. How is the human body affected by the prolonged use of steroids? (This is also a popular topic for research essays, in part because there is plenty material available on the subject matter).

  22. Was Thomas Edison a better inventor than Leonardo da Vinci or vice versa?

  23. Which human first reached the North Pole?

  24. Explain why Socrates was executed.

  25. Describe how bulletproof clothes are made.

  26. What became of the lost settlers of Roanoke?

  27. How are aircraft protected from radar by stealth technology?

  28. Have acts of terrorism been prevented in America as a result of the Patriot Act?

  29. What was the life of a gladiator like?

  30. What dangers are posed by global warming and climate change?

  31. What may have happened during the 1947 Roswell UFO incident?

  32. How did dinosaurs disappear? Describe the main theories.

  33. How have scientists attempted alchemy and what is it?

  34. How did railroads and trains impact American life?

  35. Describe the circumstances of Osama Bin Laden’s death.

  36. How did the Darfur conflicts originate?

  37. How has the planet been affected by oil spills and what is being done to prevent future spills?

  38. What caused the 2008 stock market crash?

  39. What fate befell Amelia Earhart?

  40. Did Joan of Arc change history and how?

  41. Describe the non-lethal weaponry available to police to control riots and rioters.

  42. How has security in airports changed since 9/11?

  43. Is texting affecting literacy in teenagers?

  44. What is a day in the life of a Buddhist monk like?

  45. Does America have a smaller or greater number of prisoners than other countries?

  46. Describe what life in a beehive is like.

  47. What causes black holes to form?

  48. The curse of the Pharaohs – what is it?

  49. Who founded hip hop and where did it originate?

  50. How can homeowners conserve energy?

  51. What interesting features make the platypus a unique mammal?

  52.  What are the dangers of over-exposure to the sun and/or artificial tanning?

  53. How was warfare changed by the invention of gunpowder?

  54. How significantly has the music industry been impacted by digital downloading and the Internet?

  55. What causes computer viruses to spread and how are computers affected by them?

  56. Can gamblers ever win over the house?

  57. What impact did Julius Caesar have on Rome?

  58. How does Wal-Mart impact local economies?

  59. How have the music and film industries responded to piracy?

  60. Why and how were dogs and cats domesticated? (Don’t forget that after selecting a topic you like, the next step is creating a research essay outline. This will provide a framework for writing the rest of your paper).

  61. Explain what women suffragettes were and how America was changed by the suffragette movement.

  62. Are the crime rates higher or lower in states where citizens are permitted to have guns?

  63. What is spam email and can it be stopped?

  64. Explain what the Manhattan Project was and what impact it has had on the world.

  65. With vaccination, are the risks outweighed by the benefits?

  66. How were the US and the rest of the world affected by the Cold War?

  67. Explain how a submarine works.

  68. What are the ingredients in a hot dog?

  69. Explain the code of the Bushido and how samurai warriors were affected by it.

  70. Name the most common sleep disorders and their treatments.

  71. How accurate are lie detectors?

  72. How much do Americans spend on the drugs war every year?

  73. What dangers are associated with underwater exploration and scuba diving?

  74. Is the human race still evolving?

  75. What are the hunting methods of a shark?

  76. Where does genetic engineering currently stand and what else do scientists hope to achieve?

  77. What are the responsibilities of secret service agents?

  78. How are tornadoes caused?

  79. What are the energy saving features of a hybrid car?

  80. Have any crimes ever been prevented or solved by psychics?

  81. How do China and the rest of the world use Internet censorship?

  82. Explain how Genghis Khan conquered Persia.

  83. What are the similarities and differences between the Great Recession and the Great Depression?

  84. Describe how search engines work.

  85. How are television shows and movies created?

  86. Describe what a sinkhole is and how one comes about.

  87. During their exploration of the Midwest, what dangers did Lewis and Clark encounter?

  88. Describe the similarities and differences between the American and Chinese economies.

  89. Explain the mechanism behind night vision.

  90. What is the connection between Count Dracula and Vlad the Impaler and who is the latter?

  91. Explain the benefits and dangers of using marijuana in medicine.

  92. How are memories stored and retrieved by our brain?

  93. How culturally important was the first landing on the moon?

  94. Describe the treatments available for HIV and their effectiveness.

  95. How was the US war in Vietnam influenced by journalists?

  96. What was the black plague and how did it affect Europe?

  97. Explain what Martin Luther’s protest against the Catholic Church was?

  98. How are desert mirages caused and how are wanderers affected by them?

  99. Why did communism not succeed everywhere?

  100. What hazards are associated with the use of nuclear power?

At, we hope the above list will help you find a suitable topic for your research project. Do bear in mind that you should use these ideas to start you off and you will have to develop them as your own as you proceed with the research and writing of your paper. Do not hesitate to revise and change your research question or thesis statement so that it accurately matches your research findings and your interests. Additionally, if you have any great research essay topics of your own, we would love to hear about them.


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