Our Refunds Policy and How to Apply

  1. Refunds are available from our writing service under certain conditions and within certain timeframes as follows:
  • Up to two weeks (14 days) following deadline expiration for general complaints.
  • No time limits where a paper is found to be plagiarized. However, you will be expected to show concrete proof that we are responsible for any instances of plagiarism.

NB: When checking for plagiarism, there are some elements of a text that should be excluded, e.g., properly-formatted quotes taken directly from a source, content lists, and specific parts of an assignment or essay question. Therefore, because the system does not recognize these exclusions, it is not thought reliable while other systems such as, iThenticate and WriteCheck are thought reliable. Likewise, we do not accept any notes a customer writes by hand as evidence of plagiarism.     

  1. If or when you ask our writers to continue writing a paper you started, remember that we only check our own parts for originality. Hence, our company is not liable if plagiarism is found in any parts you write.          
  2. If you are not entirely satisfied with a paper you receive from us, let us know and our team will thoroughly investigate your complaint. We will issue you with a report in three to four days, and if your complaint is justified, we will offer you all or part of your money back.      

What to Do If You Need a Revision

  1. If you think any paper you receive from us needs revising, you have up to 48 hours after the deadline passes to submit your request. Once this time has passed, you can still ask for revisions, but we will need compensation for the work. This means you will need to complete a new order and submit it to us. If, however, our writer completes the work for no extra payment, we will not be able to offer you a refund at any time in the future.           
  2. If your paper is a longer one – twenty plus pages – you can request a no-cost revision with a thirty-day period of your deadline expiring.          
  3. If you change your instructions from the ones you originally provided, we cannot revise your paper free-of-charge. Additionally, you may be asked to submit a new order to compensate our writer if you fail to provide us with all the materials and information required to complete your assignment in a satisfactory and timely manner, for example, until a project has begun or has been finished.            
  4. If you submit a revision request, you should also indicate a new deadline for completing the work. While we strive to complete all revisions within the agreed time, some requests can take up to one day (24 hours) to turn around, especially where requirements are complex or we experience problems reassigning a particular order.          
  5. Our employees sometimes need to contact customers by sending them an email or posting a message to their account area. Therefore, because of this, we strongly advise you to check regularly for messages. Additionally, you are entirely responsible for providing our company will all the information and/or materials we need to complete your order satisfactorily. So please be careful to do this when placing your order or later if your assigned writer asks for clarification.             
  6. For a very reasonable fee – a mere 30 percent of the cost of your order, you can take advantage of our extended revision service. This option allows you to extend the revision timeframe from two days to two weeks. However, any requested revisions should not deviate from the instructions you originally provided. Additionally the 30% fee is non-refundable if you do not use it.     

Eligibility for a 100% Refund

You may be eligible for a 100% refund if:

  1. You submit the same order twice or our company charges you too much. Contact our customer support staff immediately to cancel any erroneous/unwanted order.        
  2. We are not successful in assigning your order to a writer.
  3. You should desist from using any papers or order-related materials we have provided to you once you are granted a full refund. 

Eligibility for a Part Refund

You may be eligible for some percentage refund if: 

  1. You order the wrong size paper. For example, if you order four pages when you only need two, our agents will work out a new price based on the number of essay words you actually require.      
  2. The level of assignment you order is incorrect. For example, if you order a University-level paper when you actually need High School level.       
  3. Your instructions do not match up properly. For example, if the materials you send to us do not fit with the order description.     
  4. Cancelling your order:                  

Refund percentage

Elapsed deadline


60 percent or more of elapsed time


50 – 59 percent elapsed time


40 – 49 percent elapsed time


30 – 39 percent elapsed time


20 – 29 percent elapsed time


10 to 19%

It is essential to note that the order cancellation cannot be accommodated where a deadline still has 30% of time remaining, a writer has been allocated to a project, a paper has been written, and/or it has been uploaded.

All Tips Are Non-Refundable

The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.

Verification of Orders 

It is customary for members of our finance team to ask you to verify an order. This is a mechanism we use to protect customers from online scams and/or fraud. If you are late verifying an order, we do not begin the deadline countdown until we receive the required confirmation from you. If lateness is a problem, you can ask us to extend your deadline or, if you need your paper urgently, you may send us a new order by way of reimbursing our writer.        


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