One of the commonly assigned tasks in academic writing is a 5 paragraph essay, which makes students properly organize their ideas on paper. This writing task helps students to learn how to structure paragraphs and discuss the topic as neatly as possible. If your professor asks you to work on this assignment, you will have to focus on such elements:

  • introduction;
  • three main body paragraphs;
  • conclusion;
  • transitions between sentences and paragraphs.

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5 Paragraph Essay Introduction

Before writing an introduction, it is advisable to create a 5 paragraph essay outline. With the help of outlines, students are sure to include the key details about the topic. Moreover, outlines clearly show the future division into paragraphs. You should begin your introduction with some general ideas about the topic and then introduce a very specific sentence called thesis statement. The key aim of every introductory paragraph is to grab readers’ attention and present the topic in a creative way. Remember that your thesis statement should be no more than 1-2 sentences in length. There are 2 types of thesis statements, namely informative and argumentative. If you are not sure which one you should introduce in your essay, get back to your professor’s instructions not to lose points.

Main Body Paragraphs

Obviously, there should be only 3 main body paragraphs in a 5 paragraph essay. Before working on the main body, please make sure that you know which ideas you want to discuss. Some students know nothing about the topic and beat around the bush. Professors hate reading off-topic papers. Since there will be 3 main body paragraphs, you have to introduce 1 single idea per paragraph. All your paragraphs should relate to the thesis statement with the help of topic sentences. Do not underestimate the importance of topic sentences since they lead the reader to the logical conclusion. Re-read each main body paragraph to make sure that there are no irrelevant details. If you do not know how to write a 5 paragraph essay, no problem! You can always rely on because our writers are well-versed in producing absolutely all types of essays!

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Find a 5 paragraph essay template to see what conclusion should entail. Many students provide a logical continuation of the discussion from the main body, but it is not how conclusion should look like. It is a paragraph where you have to restate the importance of the topic and briefly address the discussed issues from each main body paragraph. Basically, your conclusion should be grounded on your thesis statement. One of the key rules for writing the conclusion is avoiding new information. Ideas of such kind should be placed in the main body.


Transitions should be used to make the reading process smooth and clear. It is highly advisable not to skip from one idea to another and utilize proper academic transitions between sentences. You have to show that all your ideas are connected. Different types of transitions express addition, concession, comparison, emphasis, example, etc. If you do not know how to use transitions in your paper effectively, do not hesitate to look at 5 paragraph essay example. Do not use too many transitions because they can distort the perception of discussion.

Essay writing becomes more and more complex today, and students have nothing to do but seek online writing assistance. Some students ask their friends to help, but do you really think that he/she knows more than you? If you do not know what to write in the essay, most likely, your friend does the same. knows how to find easy and quick solutions to students’ problems. Get acquainted with our services today and positive emotions are guaranteed!

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