When you receive your first writing task, your basic question is what APA essay format really is. You have seen other students use it in their works, but you cannot make sense of it. Actually, you have questions regarding other formats as well, but APA is the focus of your concern today. You try hard to develop a perfect essay. You want to be the best student. You want to be respected by your teachers for the academic efforts you make in college. This is why it is so critical for you to be able to craft a superb APA format essay according to the instructions provided by your teacher and on time. Here, you can find recommendations to improve the quality of referencing and formatting your works. Just follow them step by step, and you won't have any difficulties with APA essay formatting.

Let's Start with the Title Page

  1. The title page is the beginning of everything when you are using APA essay format. If you look at the simplest APA essay example, you will see that its title page is formatted differently from other papers and styles. Basically, if you are using APA for your paper, you must always include a title page.
  2. It should contain a number of mandatory elements. First, it is the running head placed at the left top corner of the title page. It should be included at the same level as your page number.
  3. The page number will be in the upper right corner of your title page, and the running head will be just opposite, in the upper left corner of the same page.
  4. After the words "Running head" make sure to include an abridged version of your paper title. For example, if your paper is titled "Organizational behaviors in the age of globalization", your running head may look like "organizational behavior" or "organizational behavior and globalization." Just make sure that the running head of your paper does not distort the original title of your work. Look at any good APA format essay example to see how the running head is formatted.

If your teacher asks you not to include a title page, you should follow these requirements. In all other cases, an APA essay format essay must include a title page.

If you are using MS Word for your APA style essay, you can use its tools to format the title page and its header. Of course, you can do everything manually, but this is not the best way to ensure excellent formatting for your APA. The contemporary software is easy to use. Moreover, it follows the standards of APA formatting. You can rest assured that your APA essay format will be perfect. So, focus on your title page. Double click somewhere at the top of the page. When you see a new space for your header, choose "Different First Page" on the upper toolbar in your MS Word window. Type in the words "Running head", followed by a colon and your page title in CAPS. Look at any available APA sample essay to see how it should look. This way, you will have a running header on your title page and a different header in the rest of your paper. This is what is required by APA essay format.

Following the requirements of APA essay format, don't forget about font size and type. Here, you should use 12-point Times New Roman. Your margins should not exceed 1 inch on all sides of the page. The paper should be double-spaced unless otherwise required by your instructor. According to APA essay format, the first line of each paragraph must be indented. Use the Tab key to indent them. Section headings and subheadings should be included according to the instructions provided by APA essay format. Everything becomes easier with our help!

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