Students have to go through the complex application procedure, where everyone has to submit a college application essay that will considerably influence one’s further educational path. The key idea behind it is to impress members of the committee with your outstanding events or achievements in life, proving that you are able to cope with different life challenges. Usually, students experience devastating and dreadful emotions when they know that an application essay is waiting for them, but such instances can be easily avoided. is a custom writing service that provides students with premium quality academic papers that help them reach the expected results. If you do not want to write a common application essay, why not give us a try?

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What Committee Says about Application Process

If you submit a US application essay, it will be read by 3-5 members of the committee who will decide your destiny. Strange? Yes! A couple of people decide whether you are an appropriate candidate or not. Therefore, you have to go to great lengths to create the best impression, no matter how hard it can be. Recently we had an interview with members of the committee and were able to record their conversation in the process of discussing applicants’ essay:

  • “What do you think about the boy who got stuck in the house and decided to become a rescuer?”
  • “I liked him so much. I felt so sorry for him.”
  • “And what about the girl who enjoys volunteering?”
  • “Hmm…so many people write the same. Seems nobody gets surprised by volunteering.”
  • “Do you remember a girl who lost 40 pounds?”
  • “That’s so impressing! She is really persistent and gains everything she wants.”
  • “Do you think a boy who studied in Italy is a good applicant?”
  • “He did not mention that he won a grant or anything. If parents have paid for this trip, it does not mean that he can reach anything by himself. So, my answer is NO.”

As you can see, college application essays should not be focused on some extraordinary achievements like helping thousands of people or studying abroad. Such aspects of life are intrinsic to many people and not always members of the committee are impressed with such facts. On the contrary, if you mention something small and at first sight insignificant, the effect can be outstanding. In your essay, you have to be like that boy who got stuck in the house and you will definitely stand out from the rest of applicants.

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There are 5 simple writing tips for producing a good application essay. Writers from have outlined the rules if you decide to write an essay on your own:

  • Find the “quality” you want to share (talented, curious, far-seeing) and then provide the most memorable examples that demonstrate it.

  • Members of committee adore reading unpredictable events. Try to find a “hook” out of the situation and utilize it in your writing.

  • You do not have to use “high vocabulary” in your writing. If you demonstrate a real-life situation, obviously you do not speak with formal phrases. Illustrate the situation as it is.

  • Find some good college application essay topics and sample papers. Get more information on how application essays should look like.

  • Your paper should look like a story, with a cliffhanger and proper ending. Even if you express a sad experience from your life, you have to remain positive in the end.

Members of committee hate reading a boring college application essay like “I got an A in every subject.” If you do not know how to begin writing your paper or do not know which ideas to include, you can always contact for assistance. We have a team of writers who specialize in producing college/university application essays, which means that you will easily reach success in your application process!

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