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Critical Essay Topics On Environment Health And Development

Environment is actually the life around us. Regardless where you are – outside or inside – everything that surrounds you is greatly important for your existence. Starting with air that people need to breath and ending up with black holes in the middle of the galaxy is what the notion environment includes. If you are required to compose an essay on the environmental topic, you have plenty of options and are not restricted with anything apart from your imagination. In order to make your topic more precise and scientific, here are a few examples that can inspire you to write an essay on an environmental theme.

Environmental Topics for a Critical Essay

Human Development

Among all the problems that human civilization now faces, the majority appears because of the rapid advent of modern technologies. Everything that people do causes a certain effect on the environment that is constantly changing. Developing this idea into a full essay may be quite informative and interesting for the readers.

Women’s Health

As the changes in environment are imminent, they, at the same time, influence people. What is more, women have a more fragile organism and because of that are more affected by surrounding changes. It is also a nice idea to develop this topic into a fully-fledged essay.

Mortality Rate

As environment sometimes can be quite severe, it is obvious that it directly influences the amount of deaths caused by natural disasters, weather changes and other issues, which follow the planet’s environment shift. You may research the main reasons and possible solutions for that, and as a result, you will receive quite a solid essay.

Global Warming

The everlasting problem of Sun’s radiation has been always up-to-date and fresh. Everyday scientists find out new facts about the issue, consequently giving new food for thoughts. If your manage to gather the latest information about this hot issue, not only will your essay be relevant with new content, but also really absorbing for both professors and scientists.

Water Pollution

Besides global warming, there is another problem that has been dealt with for ages. Due to the constantly developing globalization, there is no better place to hide the wastes than in water. That is why this problem in now so urgent and requires an appropriate solution. Luckily, modern technologies offer some reliable ways to avoid water contamination or decrease it to minimum.

Air Pollution And Economy

Judging from the fact that the environment essay topics are quite widespread, it is recommended to narrow your research and, for example, instead of talking about the pollution of air in general focus on the specific influence of bad air on the economic situation of a certain country. That would attract more readers to your essay as well as increase the originality of the writing.

Lead Exposure

Harmful substances have always been used by humanity. The modern world is not an exclusion, with lead getting the first places among harmful substances. Discuss the issue in your writing and show your knowledge in this topic.