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Essay Topics for Interview

Regardless of the educational establishment you are at, regardless of your year and sphere of studying, you are likely to face interview paper writing at some point. While conducting interviews is usually associated with journalism and work in media, students of different departments also learn how to write an interview paper. In fact, the skill of interview arrangement is essential for anyone working with people or any sociology oriented researches, as it allows having a more effective communication and getting the needed information from a certain expert.

In case you still do not know how to write an interview paper, read this article and learn the basics of this kind of task. If the information in it will not be enough to cover the topic, you can always contact our experts for assistance with this assignment.

Interview Essay Definition

Any paper based on an interview with an expert discusses the interviewee’s opinion on a certain topic. In some cases, several people are interviewed, and then the topic is presented from the perspective of different arguments of these people. Basically, an interview paper is an essay that uses someone’s opinions as the source of information.

Deriving from such definition, it becomes clear that the foundation of any interview paper is the actual interfacing with a person or group of people and retrieving information with the help of related questions. Therefore, the essential elements of this writing are the questions and the experts who can answer them. The actual text writing is the last thing that you need for this kind of paper.

Writing Process

Even if you have no idea how to write an interview paper, you can do it by using a step-by-step strategy provided below. If in theory some aspects may seem unclear, you will understand what to do in the process, so just go on and start writing!

Step 1. Decide on the topic of your paper. Choose a problem or a phenomenon that you would like to focus on. Make sure that of all the interview essay topics, you pick the one that is narrow enough and can be covered within this paper.

Step 2. Make a research on the topic. Find out what is already known about the subject and what is yet to be discovered. Define the problems in the chosen area and the aspects that need more clarification. Note them down.

Step 3. Based on your research and the notes you have prepared, make a list of questions for your interview. The questions have to be original and non-cliché; besides, they have to call for an open answer, so no questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no” can be used for your interview.

Step 4. Find interviewees. You can search for experts in the sphere you are to write about, or choose someone who can share their personal experience in it.

Step 5. Conduct the interview and record all the answers. In the course of conversation, some new questions may come to your mind, so you can step away from the planned course. However, make sure to stick to the topic anyway.

Step 6. Analyze the received answers in the scope of the chosen topic. Choose the answers that are the most informative and interesting, and sort out the ones that do not seem so valuable.

Step 7. Write your interview paper. Besides quoting the interviewee, you can add your own comments and interpretations of the answers or add some significant background information.

All in all, writing an interview paper can differ depending on its purpose and target audience. However, the general strategy described below is universal, so you can apply it to your writing.

Valuable Tips

There are two options for the essay topics for interview: either you will be offered to choose any topic that relates to the class’s themes, or your teacher will assign you a specific topic right away. In either case, try to do your best to compose a set of professional questions and try to enjoy the interview process.

Choosing a right person for your interview is a very significant detail for your paper’s success. This kind of writing does not imply much of your own ideas and discussions, but focuses on the interviewee’s opinion about something. If this opinion is rather trivial or neutral, your paper may lack character and seem dull. Thus, it is always better to choose a person with a lot of experience and bright vision for your interview.

Depending on the style and context of your interview, the approach to paper writing will vary. Every kind of interview essay has its own purpose, and therefore requires a different writing technique.

Narrative interview

Basically, a narrative interview paper can be done in two ways. It can (a) be composed as a narration from the first person that retells the dialogue with the interviewee in the form of an essay, or (b) provide direct quotes of interviewees by presenting each answer after each question. If you are not sure which form is more suitable, you can consult your professor about it. Either way, you will need to create a “frame” for your interview – a small introduction where the topic and the interviewee are presented, and a conclusion that summarizes what was said in 2-3 sentences. Besides, make sure to write a catchy title for your essay.

Leadership interview

Writing an interview paper on leadership implies setting a dialogue with successful people, who are often popular and recognized for their achievements. As a rule, such personalities can be hard to reach, and sometimes the live communication can be replaced by a chat or exchange of emails. The advantage of the written communication is that you do not have to record the interview and transcribe it later: you will have all the answers in text format right away. In leadership papers, more explanatory comments might be needed, especially with experts of narrow specializations.

Leadership interview essay topics may be as follow:

  • Leadership and it’s definition
  • The Difference Between Different Types of Leadership
  • Personal Leadership 

Personal interview

Of all the interviews, this type is the least formal and the most personal. It focuses on someone’s personality and story of life, allowing to have an open conversation in an informal setting. However, the number of questions should still be limited, so their preparation remains an important process.

Writing about someone’s life is a very wide theme, so it is better to choose certain areas or periods of time that will be addressed in the paper, narrowing down the focus to something that can be covered in a paper of a few pages. Besides, remember to present the interviewee to the readers in a way that would describe this person in general and encourage the audience to read the full interview.

The interview essays that you can see in magazines and newspapers often use a catchy phrase or a curious quote of the interviewee as a title of the article. This is a good idea, as it gives a hint about the overall mood of the interview and adds intrigue to it. By using this trick, you will definitely make your readers learn more about the person you have written about.

Interview Essay Writing Service

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