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Express Yourself Through Perfect Choice of Words

It frequently occurs that you are writing some information and when you read it aloud you realize that you have written the message in a rather confusing way that it would be hard to get what you mean. It seems some point is lacking, but you cannot figure out straightaway how to put it right. Actually, this phenomenon is rather widespread among people, especially in the modern technological era, where many people prefer virtual communication to the real one. Such misunderstandings happen often when you do not use correct words for describing something. If you do not choose the best suitable option of which word to use, you cannot properly communicate the message across. Therefore, it is really advisable to pay more attention to the correct choice of words and their meanings if you want to get your message across.

Coming up with the most suitable choice of words is not an easy task, but with practice, it becomes easier and easier. Each word has its own meaning and connotation. Sometimes, you must carefully choose words depending on the situation or context in which you are using them. Besides, you should pay careful attention to whether the choice of words does not offend someone or undermine their contribution to something or overall performance. For example, there is a great difference between “satisfactory marks,” “good marks,” and “excellent marks.”

Depending on the target audience, you need to carefully choose the words you write as it is really easy to misunderstand the message. For example, if you aim to explain something to people who are not experts in your professional sphere, then you must explain the notions/ topics/ terms in the simplest way possible. On the contrary, if your target audience comprises of people who are well-versed in the subject, there is no need to use simple words – it would be advisable to speak in professional terms. If you are a teacher who is explaining some topic to the class, where all children are with the different level of knowledge, then you must find a balance and make sure that the students demonstrating poor performance understand everything and the bright students do not get bored.

Online dictionaries of synonyms, as well as the thesaurus, are the best ways to enrich your vocabulary. They also greatly help in writing, where you need to use versatile words and avoid repetitions. Besides, you may also use the dictionary of collocations, where you will find which words can be composed of others. What is even more important using dictionaries while writing fastens the process of writing (because you do not merely spend time on thinking) and makes it more effective.

All in all, with sufficient practice and regular practice of enriching your vocabulary, you will learn a perfect way of memorizing words and using them in writing. Such vocabulary-enhancing activities help you not only to enrich your language but also demonstrate better academic performance.