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Finding Time For Hobbies

A person who is really interested in life must definitely have a few hobbies. Musical instruments, cycling, singing, drawing, photography, theatre and many other things can easily be within one person. There is only one problem left – in order to get the best out of those hobbies, you will have to increase the day duration from 24 to 240 hours. It is really difficult to devote your time to everything, so there must be some actions done to make your hobbies both enjoyable and beneficial. You may ask, ‘How to find time?’ or ‘Where should I get time for hobbies?’ Here are the answers!

Bring Your Hobbies to Work

Portable Hobbies

Simply imagine how much time goes in vain during your regular working day. Coffee breaks may be spent with pleasure and benefit once you practice your hobbies during them. If your hobbies can be easily performed everywhere, so there is nothing else to add rather than simply do them. Keep your guitar at work if it does not bother anybody and practice whenever you have an opportunity. If there is nobody in the conference room, simply put on your earphones and do some quick moves to cheer you up. Also, why not to do some drawing in a local café during your lunch – you will definitely find something inspiring there to put it on paper. If you have no mood for painting, then maybe a few quick shot will inspire you for the rest of the day as even your mobile phone can become a masterpiece camera.

Serving Hobbies

What is extremely rewarding is that you can easily turn almost any activity into a beneficial time spending. For example, commuting to work usually takes a lot of time, so why not to turn these random naps into a time for drawing or writing. Sometimes it may be really shaky and uncomfortable, so reading may substitute almost anything and anywhere. Working process is usually an official time spending, but if your colleagues do not mind and there are possibilities, you can go outside for a walk and for a bit of informal talks. Finally, going out with friends should not be always dinners and clubbing. Ask your friends what they enjoy doing and try it together. You can always start with jogging, cycling or taking a dance lesson.


Planning is always a great way of managing your time. It allows not to miss anything and make your priorities for certain activities. Focus your efforts and time on the hobby that you enjoy the most. Do not stress yourself with all the things you would like to do, but try to pay attention to everything that is pleasant for you. Your schedule should include both your duties and entertainment. As hobby is an integral part of fulfilling yourself in life, then it must be on your daily to-do list. The last thing to mention is the existing courses that allow you to manage time and choose what is important for you the most. Coaching is quite popular nowadays, so if you think you need some outside help, do not hesitate.