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Five Paragraph Nursing Essay Writing Tips

Five paragraph nursing essay is not simply a paper. It is a way of presenting knowledge in the sphere to a wide audience. Without doubt, nursing is an important and noble profession, and nurses make valuable contribution to the healthcare delivery. Considering that at present nurses are given different tasks to perform, there exist many nursing roles and more and more people are willing to join their ranks. However, nursing is constantly developing, especially taking into account modern technological advancements. As a result, nursing specialists must keep up with modern trends in order to remain updated.

It is difficult to define nursing, as it is a very broad term. However, its main goal is to provide high-quality healthcare services to families, communities and separate individuals. Nurses are responsible for maintaining high quality of life and they tend to perform their duties in different settings.

Consequently, different roles the nurses are obliged to perform, make it extremely difficult to write college essay for nursing. In order to provide high quality paper in nursing, the writer has to consider many issues and pay attention to diverse criterion for writing. As a result, students need nursing essay help to get their assignment done and submitted on time. If you want your paper to be of high quality, you will have to use various techniques and methods, which can turn out to be too difficult. For this reason, we are going to provide you with useful nursing essay tips and will tell you how to write nursing essay for college. Five-paragraph structure of such papers is considered to be the most effective one for successful delivery of the required message. Moreover, here is the list of the points that have to be paid attention to in the process of nursing essay writing:

  • Understanding of the subject;
  • Choose a topic of your paper based on the individual assignment and instructions;
  • The materials used for essay should be credible and reliable;
  • The writer should provide only contextual information about nursing and use facts;
  • The outcome of work depends on the awareness of the writer of the problem discussed;
  • It is important follow the requirements and meet the instructions strictly;
  • It is important to meet writing deadlines to avoid problems with paper submission.

The following outline can be used to write college essay for nursing. It is based on the five-paragraph structure.

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction

This paragraph should represent the main idea of the paper. What is going to be argued in the paper and what is your personal position regarding the issue?

  • Paragraphs 2, 3, 4: Main body paragraphs

Three paragraphs of the main body serve the only aim of building the argument. Here is where you support your position. These paragraphs include information on the following issues:

  • Target population. Considering that nursing is a wide term, you will have to determine the specific population of nursing, which will be discussed in relation to a chosen topic.
  • Supportive evidences and examples. Your paper will be credible only in case it is supported by facts. Use example, quotes and other credible materials to strengthen your argument.
  • Paragraph 5: Conclusion

This paragraph summarized the information presented in previous sections by addressing the key points of the paper ti support your stance.

It is very difficult to provide a high quality nursing paper in case you are not a specialist in this area and if you are not aware of numerous rules and regulations. Constant practicing is a key to successful completion of your writing assignment. It can be reached only if you know the basic question in this field, ‘Why I want to be a nurse?’ If you can answer it, you will definitely succeed in your career.

Topics for Five Paragraph Nursing Essay

It may be difficult to choose a proper topic for your essay for nursing school. In case you have problems with that, here are some suggestions:

  • The role of post-operative interventions in the process of patient’s recovery;
  • Ways of treating patients in the early stages of diabetes;
  • The role of family in taking care and in improving the quality of life of patients who receive palliative care;
  • Pros and cons of euthanasia;
  • Consideration on whether the patients should be unequivocally informed about their terminal diagnoses;
  • Improvement of care in relation to neo-natal unit patients;
  • The issue with financial compensation for nurses;
  • Consideration on whether the doctors should be given right to decide on ending a life of patients;
  • Organs donation and how to convince the family members of terminal patients to do it from their loved ones;
  • Consideration on improvement of healthcare delivery in major trauma units;
  • The roles of midwives in assisting patients and doctors. Pros and cons of profession;
  • The influence of medical practitioners on the work of nursing staff and on the quality of their duties performance;
  • Nurses burn out and what can be done with it in NHS;
  • Evaluation of governmental policies impact on recruiting processes in healthcare sector;
  • Dilemma regarding employment of obese nurses and their negative influence on patients;
  • Consideration on treating of abusive patients and nurses’ rights to refuse to do it;
  • Collaboration of care workers in nurses with the aim of improving their performance and providing advanced care;
  • The impact of extreme weather conditions on the workload of nurses;
  • Positive behavior and friendly face. The influence of being nice in patients’ outcomes;
  • Possibility to prescribe drugs by nurses without consulting with doctors. Pros and cons;
  • The role of nurses in treating patients with dementia. Consideration on whether they can be helpful in making patients drink and eat.
  • The influence of intimate relationship between health care professionals on the quality of their work.

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