Food for Your Brain

Food for Your Brain

Every year in college, all students experience a week or two of final exams. It’s the most significant period in every semester when the grades are the only thing you care about. Preparing for exams requires the revision of an enormous amount of information for each subject.

During the week of high stress, the vast majority of students make a huge mistake – they don’t even think about their nutrition. Do you eat properly or prefer unhealthy food for keeping energy levels up? Fast food, chocolate, snacks, drinks, and everything that makes you feel your belly full for a while …sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You know for sure that junk food hurts your health, but you may have not even thought about the harmful effects of fast food on how your brain functions after eating it. Furthermore, it affects your exam performance.

We have a list of so-called brain food for you to be sure you can do your best on your final exam.

Oily fish

Fish is a priori one of the healthiest products in our food ration. Some types of it, for example mackerel, salmon, and trout, contain omega 3, carbohydrates, and protein that keep a proper functioning of your brain. Sardines and herring have the same effect, but are a bit cheaper and affordable.


The advantage of this product is the variety of dishes you can cook: from boiled eggs to eggs Benedict. There are a lot of people who start their day with eggs. Such a breakfast contains less sugar than cereals with milk or pastry, and more proteins, vital nutrients, vitamins.

Dark leafy greens

Broccoli, spinach, and chard are my favorites. Unfortunately, a lot of students ignore these as a good food. Probably they are not aware of their useful properties. A healthy amount of choline (helps to keep your memory sharp), vitamins K (builds pathway in your brain), B6 and B12 (converts glucose into energy) alone is enough to pay more attention to these tasty vegetables.

Dark Chocolate

Pay attention to a word ‘dark.’ Flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants are contained in cocoa powder and dark chocolate. These improve blood vessel function that in its turn improves memory and cognitive function. Chocolate is one of the best mood boosters as well. It quickly increases positive feelings.


Eat nuts to prevent a cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. Munching on a handful of nuts (especially walnuts and almonds) a day improves your cognitive health and mental alertness. Healthy fats, antioxidants, and especially vitamin E benefit brain health.

Fresh fruits

Fruits are considered to be one of the best alternatives to replace sweets in the ration. They are healthier than a chocolate bar or two and can be called ‘all-natural candies.’ By the way, all kinds of deeply colored berries are perfect antioxidant powerhouses. They protect your brain from stress and damage and improve communication between brain cells.

Now you know all the secrets about what to eat when revising. Feel the energy from healthy food, boost your brainpower!