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Good Eating Habits for Your Productivity

Maintaining energy level at work is often a serious challenge. You should know that eating habits are as crucial for your productivity as good night’s sleep and regular exercise. Learn about the ways food affects your energy to make positive changes in your everyday menu.

Eating habits for staying productive at work

Avoid junk food. Eating foods high in sugar, as well as transformed and saturated fats, you quickly lose your alertness. Therefore, prefer nutritious foods for snacks.

  • Be careful with caffeine. Caffeine gives you a quick burst of energy, but it fades away very soon. Choose a cup of green tea instead of coffee. Remember to completely avoid caffeine in the afternoon as it affects your sleep.
  • Do not skip breakfast. It is important for moving your body out of its sleepy and energy-conserving condition into a vigorous state. A glass of juice, protein shake, or a piece of fruit are good options.
  • Eat a proper breakfast. Choose low glycemic foods (complex carbohydrates) to help your body gain a steady source of energy.
  • Prefer small, but frequent meals. They keep your blood glucose levels constant and allow spacing your meals equally, thus decreasing fluctuations of energy levels.
  • Keep lunch moderate. Overeating causes sleepiness. It has been proved by science and experience.
  • Avoid eating protein rich food on an empty stomach. Put turkey, poultry, milk, cheese, and fish into this list.
  • Eat fruit on an empty stomach. It stimulates productivity, does not cause diseases linked to hard-to-digest snacks, and lets your body make the right start for the day.
  • Eat whole grains. Since they are digested slowly, you steadily gain energy and increase your productivity.
  • Skip the steak. Eating less meat for breakfast and lunch will benefit your digestive tract and boost your productivity.
  • Remember about Omega 3. Get it from nuts, oils, and fatty fish to keep your brain cells healthy and increase alertness.
  • Hydrate. Water helps to transport energy-providing nutrients throughout your body.
  • Remember about fiber. It helps your body digest food slowly and steadily, allowing you to boost your energy.
  • Avoid alcohol before sleeping. It makes your sleep less restful, affects your metabolism, and decreases your productivity.

Now you know which natural energy foods you can eat daily. Apply the above-listed eating tips and you will always be productive and energetic at work.