How to Become a Better Person

How to Become a Better Person
It has always been difficult to improve, to struggle, to overcome. However, exactly these actions have always been defining us as Homo sapiens, willing to develop and grow as a person in every sense of these words. Especially nowadays, in time of the increase in violence, crime, aggression, self-loathing, it should be our life’s main designation to become better with every year, every month, every day and every minute.

There are various ways to achieve that goal and a few of them are described below:

Develop self-love

Very often, we get confused with such terms as self-love and egocentrism. It is important to differentiate these two notions, as egocentrism implies self-interest, lack of respect and love for others, hence, self-loathing, while self-love implies responsibility, care, respect and knowledge concerning yourself and your surrounding. Get used to praising yourself, to giving yourself a compliment, because when you love yourself and are satisfied with yourself, you arise the same feeling in others. 

Instead of finding excuses, learn on own mistakes

We are approaching a person’s ability to develop a fair attitude towards everything that happens in our life. Remember that there’s nobody else but you who is responsible for your choices, actions and mistakes. Instead of blaming someone, try to analyze the situation and learn a lesson from it so in the future you avoid its relapse.

Let anger and offence go

In fact, the sole person you hurt while being angry or taking an offence at someone is YOU. Practice on leaving bad experience and emotions as well as offences in the past. Develop positive thinking through understanding the root of the problem and getting rid of any negative feelings with the help of meditation.

Be honest and respectful

A well-known proverb “treat people the same way you want to be treated” is a perfect explanation of behavior one should stick to. Respect work and views of others as well as never lie if you don’t want to be cheated, too. Before acting, put yourself into one’s shoes and think whether such behavior would satisfy you. If so, you have green lights to act. 

Surprise and get surprised

It is so much easier to enjoy life and change yourself and people around when you are open to new experiences. It is never too late to set off the trip, to visit an unknown place, to prepare something extraordinary for someone you love and explore new emotions together. In such a way, you get inspired to live and feel more content. Why not to adopt such a great habit to gain new experience and broaden your limits for the sake of self-development?

Don’t forget to wear your smile!

Unfortunately, an ability to be an easy-going, always polite, and helpful person doesn’t belong to everyone. However, just think, is it so difficult to help an old lady with heavy bags or wish a good day to your neighbor? It is scientifically proved that laugh prolongs our life.
Don’t be so greedy to meet a stranger with your smile and maybe make someone's day better.
One can never become flawless, but one can try to at least get closer to that perfection.