How to Build Confidence

How to Build Confidence

What do you think when you talk about confidence? Usually, it is connected with person’s behavior. Such people keep calm under pressure and can easily handle any difficult situation.

Everything Being in Control

However, being confident and in control means, first of all, achieving your aim regardless of any obstacles. If you are doing a task, which you aren’t sure to be fulfilled well, you may be criticized because of the lack of necessary knowledge, but you are still taking the risk because confidence is what rules you.

The road to confidence is quite severe and strained. You have to go through several fears, failures, criticism, the lack of experience, thus feeling uncomfortable and insecure. Confidence isn’t an inborn ability; it doesn’t come with the genes or is gifted as a present. You can obtain it only through lifelong experience.

Improve Self Confidence with Body Language

Our gestures directly influence our confidence. Several studies have proved that words don’t really matter; however, it is mostly all about body language. Surely, a person with his/her arms closed and sight down to the floor, saying “I will do it,” doesn’t really mean what he/she says. Nobody will believe him/her.

Amy Cuddy, a certified psychologist from Harvard business School, conducted an experiment, where people were asked to make high-power and low-power positions for 2 minutes. Confident poses resulted in a testosterone increase, whereas insecure ones showed a rapid decrease in the hormone level. “The process of achieving goals is greatly influenced by our body, not only mind”, underlines Cuddy.
She presents her conclusions in her famous TED Talk, and 18 million users have already viewed the results.

The following 5-minute exercises are perfect before you face any challenging issue, such as speaking in front of the audience or having an interview:

  • Confident Position. Any power pose – lifted chest, arms up or high-held head – will help you keep everything in order. Moreover, every situation being in control will bring only positive results.
  • Face-to-Face Contact. A friendly eye contact is necessary for all people to feel more secure and confident.
  • Cheer. Why not keep your facial muscles fit and present some of your best smiles to people around you. A positive mindset will definitely improve both your own mood and your companion’s.
  • Be Positive. Repeating yourself positive affirmations – I am smart! I am awesome! I am confident! – will charge you with pure energy for the whole day!
  • Use Your Breath to Relax. Simple exercises to unwind your body with breathing gymnastics are a perfect way to chill out, calm down, and get rid of a nervous mood.