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How to Stay Awake While Studying For Finals

Studying for finals is exhausting and hard. But here are healthy ways to stay awake and not to start feeling sleepy while studying. Stay productive!

Healthy ways to stay awake while studying:

  • You need a lot of light

Your brain will think that it is day and you will not want to sleep any longer. Moreover, you cannot sleep when it is very bright.

  • Chew something

Gum can keep the mouth busy, so you cannot sleep. Chewing will make you alert, so that you can continue your night studying activity.

  • Stand up and study

Sitting and lying on something is not effective. You should stand up because in this position it is impossible to sleep. Obviously, as far as you are standing, you will be awake and able to study longer.

  • Exercise before studying

Exercises will keep your body awake. Blood flows faster and heartbeats are more frequent, so they guarantee an opportunity to work almost all night.

  • Study in a cold room

Writing an essay in cold is perfect if you need to work for a long time. Do not exaggerate with heaters and blankets. Warm environment causes sleep, so you should make the working process comfortable and productive for you.

  • Control drinking caffeine

Small doses are not harmful to your body, so you can frequently drink a little caffeine. It is a great strategy if you do not want to fall asleep.

  • Increase the level of blood sugar

This level is falling at night, so you should eat something stimulating. Avoid the products that lead your body to sleep, replace them with the alternatives, which can give you a boost.

  • Do not study alone (study with friends or colleagues)

It is a really helpful way if you need to learn a great amount of information. Someone beside will stimulate you by talks, so you will not fall asleep.

  • Change the subject if you are falling asleep

It is one of the most useful and old tips. Try to switch one subject to another if you cannot learn the first one anymore, thereafter you will return to it.

  • You need to try acupressure

It is a good way to stimulate your body and wake up. Make a break and massage the head, the neck, the hands, the knees and the feet. After it, you will feel recharged because energy will come back to you. These pressure points can really stimulate not only your brains, but also the whole organism.

  • Listen to rhythmic music

A good music can stimulate your activity, so you should listen to something with a fast tempo. Avoid the silent environment because it makes you fall asleep.

Studying for finals makes everyone crazy because in this period there are lots of sleepless nights. Try our tips and survive the studying routine.