How Students Spend Their Time

How Students Spend Their Time

Students in the USA tend to be multi-functional. Their day does not consist only from the studying routine. They are enrolled into work, meeting with friends, family and just spending their leisure time with pleasure. According to the recent research, an average student spends a bit more than 3 hours a day for education activities. That means that they have more than 20 hours left in their busy and intense day. The things that students do during this free time are extremely various, however, they always have something in common.

Spending Time at College


Even though three hours may seem not enough for learning new things, students still split this time into class and home studying. So, while devoting two hours for actual studying in campus, only a single hour is spent for education at home. Experts consider that this time is not enough and some actions should be implemented for increasing the studying time.


Another good use of time is thought to be work. Students spend on average two and a half hours for earning money. This may vary, as low-income students tend to work more to be able to pay for their education. Working during education process develops a whole range of skills that may help in the future life such as responsibility, time management, prioritizing, and money spending.

Moreover, according to the mentioned research, one out of five students work 35-hour working week. This deserves great respect, though, much time cannot be spent for other activities.

Leisure Time

What concerns entertainment time, almost four hours are spent for leisure time and more than eight in average for sleeping. Entertainment time also features sports which popularity has increased in recent years, that is really pleasant. Researchers state that this entertainment is not a waste of time as it boosts students’ psychological and physical health. Students who are deprived of free time do not really feel happy and can hardly ever have the feeling of success in their lives.

Talking about sleeping, here the time can vary as experts insist on having at least seven hours of sleep every day, but preferably, not more than nine hours. The amount of sleep directly influences working and studying capabilities, as in case of lack of sleep or oversleep people can be stressed, tired, confused and unable to think objectively.

College students mainly focus on these three activities during their lives. You cannot study a lot, work a lot, and sleep a lot – there is simply not enough time during a day for all these activities together. Here, you must choose: education and work means no free time; permanent job and entertainment – no time for studying; visiting classes and going out leaves you no real time for extra cash earning. Sure, you may and even should combine this to be able to keep up with everything that is of so much importance for a modern student. Appreciate your time – spend it wisely and efficiently.