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How to Write an Essay Describing Yourself

Very often, students feel an inexplicable challenge when they need to write an essay about themselves. At first sight, it may seem that this is the simplest task ever – you do not need to carry out any research, gather findings or conduct experiments. On the other hand, still, the problem lies in the inability of a person to accept certain characteristics and talents of him-/herself. To ease you the task of writing, we have prepared a list of tips on how to write a personal essay.

How to Write an Essay about Yourself

1. Write down a general list of all your characteristics and traits that you can recall. This is a so-called brainstorming stage of the writing process, where you jot down just everything you feel is true about yourself (both positive and negative features).

2. After you have finished writing the list, take a look at it and sort out the traits into two columns – strengths and weaknesses. If some of the characteristics make you doubt as to which column to write them, create a separate column, which you may call “controversial points” or “it depends on a situation.” If there are character traits that can have a positive and negative nature simultaneously, then it is really good that you realize this fact already.

3. When gathering your character traits, talents, and general skills or abilities, do not persevere the aim to impress the person reading your essay. Your concentration should be rather placed on the awareness of yourself as a complete person – “self.”

4. Do not concentrate on being too negative or over-criticizing. Many people cannot accept anything positive in them but focus only on weaknesses and some flaws. Do not turn your personal essay into a “self-criticizing treatise.” Focus on your experience in general and try to weave your characteristics into the essay layout.

5. Select a format of writing that you are comfortable with. Some educational establishments require a specific format for essay writing, whereas in other institutional affiliations you need to choose the one on your own. If there is no clear structure, then the best idea is to follow the structure of a 5-paragraph essay.

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