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How to Write an Expository Essay

If you are reading this, you must have got an assignment to write an expository paper and are now looking for some clues how to do it. If I’m right, then you’re at the right place. Expository writing denotes clarification, explanation, defining or description of a certain topic or issue. In other words, it has to expose something. Even if all of it sounds weird to you, I bet that you are already familiar with the main characteristics of expository writing as this type of writing refers to manuals, how-to guides, instructions, and simply some kinds of newspaper articles.
When you get the assignment to write an expository essay, remember that your priority task is to rely merely on the existing facts. Present only facts – there is no place for biased opinions. So, to put it simply, all you have to do is to thoroughly research and gather facts and present them coherently and logically structured in an essay form. 

So, which format for an expository essay do you need to follow?

  1. Focus on your topic and provide only the most necessary facts.

Avoid wordiness and do not get overwhelmed with providing too much background information. Stick to the point! When picking a topic, make sure it is not too broad, otherwise it will be hard for you to concentrate on one thing. You will get lost in the myriad of existing facts.

  1. Remember to support your topic.

Provide examples, facts, data, and other supporting evidence. Organize your thoughts in a logical manner. Among the supporting evidence that you might use is the following: quotes, definitions, statistics, charts, graphs, tables, etc.

  1. Format your essay properly

As a rule, an expository essay consists of five paragraphs. An introduction with a thesis statement and a conclusion are a must-have. The body paragraphs you have (usually three) should refer to the issues that you are to expose. Make sure you provide proper transitions between the paragraphs.

What are the methods of writing expository essays?

  1. Cause and effect essay
  2. Definition essay (an extended one)
  3. Problem and solution 
  4. Comparison and contrast

It is advisable to opt for only one method of writing – it will make your essay better organized and structured. 
All in all, now that you’ve got to know more information, you know how to write an expository essay. The best advice I can give is not to be in a hurry and use your time wisely (do not postpone writing till the last day).