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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

Students often encounter the task of writing essays. There are a lot of types of papers depending on the topic and subject of research. However, almost every text has a standard five paragraph essay format. This means that for the full disclosure of the topic, you need to create five parts of your work. These tips will help you learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay correctly.

Writing a 5 Paragraph Essay

Proper Outline

The most important thing in creating any text is writing a plan. If the outline is written correctly, it will be easier to work. In order to make a good plan, you need to apply the technique of “brainstorming” and note all thoughts and associations that relate to the topic of your work. Unleash your creative potential, do not hesitate to write down even ridiculous thoughts, unexpectedly you may find that they can become very important. Group your thoughts into thematic blocks. This is easy to do using colored stickers. Buy a special multi-colored sticky paper, write down the ideas that relate to the same aspect of your theme on the sheets of the same color, stick them on a wall, shelf, or refrigerator. Highlight the main idea of ​​each topic; they will become your main points of the plan, and all the others will complement them. A clear and detailed plan will help you understand how to write a 5 paragraph essay without missing any important details.

5 Paragraph Essay Topics

The essay is exactly that genre of texts, in which you can express your imagination fully and not limit yourself to specific topics. You can choose any theme of the text that you like. However, it is best to choose objects that are relevant to public life or science. Such works will be of interest to many readers, and you will get good marks.

5 Paragraph Essay Structure

The correct structure of the text is the key to success in the field of writing. No matter how good your ideas are, but if you do not format your work properly, you cannot count on positive criticism. A successful essay often consists of five parts. More generally, any text consists of three main parts and two sub-paragraphs, which are also mandatory for each essay. They are an introduction, a thesis statement, an attention grabber, a body of text, arguments, and conclusions. In order to learn how to write a five-paragraph essay, you need to familiarize yourself with the specific features of these parts of the text.

Correct Introduction

The introduction is a rather small paragraph; some writers do not pay much attention to it. However, in fact, this part of the text plays an important role in writing the essay. Here you should intrigue and interest potential readers. Try not just to talk about your topic, but to ask a rhetorical question, to demonstrate an example from history or literary work, in other words, make the audience believe that you will consider very interesting and non-ordinary things in the body of the text.

How to Write a Good Body Paragraph

The body of the text is the most important part of the work, try to write it in the best way. Here you need to submit all your reflections and interesting hypotheses. As it is known, any theory must be proved with facts. Learn how to quote various sources correctly. Words without confirmation cannot be considered as scientific facts. Although the body of the text requires citing and paraphrasing the thoughts of other writers, it must be your unique, original work. Make sure that you write about your personal explorations.

Rules of Creating Conclusions

The conclusions is another small but very important paragraph. Here, you must sum up everything that was said before. Do not repeat everything that you wrote in the body of the text, highlight only the most important information. In order to learn how to write this part of the text correctly, you can use the principle of connection of conclusions and introduction. Disclose the main problem issues that you are going to investigate in your work, and give answers to these questions in the final paragraph.

Write Clearly

Not all essays can be attributed to the scientific style, but such works should not resemble fiction. Most often, student papers are considered as a popular science or journalistic style. They assume a small volume of text and clarity in presentation of thoughts. Do not write a ten-page text, two or three pages will be enough to formulate your position. Overlook the secondary facts. However, make relevant and interesting additions.

Write Only Unique Papers

Writing an essay is a rather laborious process, and many students very often want to cheat. Each person can download any text on the Internet. However, do not forget that all papers are checked for plagiarism, and the professor will find out that you have stolen someone else’s work. In this case, you risk not only to spoil your marks, but also to lose the confidence of the teacher. It is worth to be honest.

Reread the Work Several Times

Even if you have already checked your text and are sure that there are no mistakes in it, do not hurry to show it to the professor, postpone it for later. The next day, read the essay again. As you know, writers do not notice many mistakes and inaccuracies immediately after writing the paper.

Consult the Professor and Classmates

If you do not understand something, do not be silent. In this case, you should immediately contact your professor or ask for advice from classmates who have more experience in writing. Teachers will be able to explain you all the rules and principles of writing essays.

Do not Postpone Writing an Essay

Postponing everything for later is a terrible habit. Students should understand that they would not have enough time to write their work well before the exams. Therefore, do all the tasks on time, and you will avoid many problems.

Now you know how to write a good 5 paragraph essay!