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How to Write a Review

A review is an evaluation of a certain phenomenon. In fact, every day you evaluate something and express your opinion about various things. For example, you read new books, buy products and things, and attend cultural events. Very often, you share your impressions with family and friends.This is also a kind of review. The essence of the review in the form of an essay is to rate something too, but it is done in writing and your idea must be backed up with facts and evidence. In order to learn how to write a review, you need to know several important rules.

Review Writing Tips

Study The Subject Of Your Work

If you are going to describe your impressions, for example, about a book, you need to read it attentively several times. Sometimes it happens that the thoughts that arise after the first acquaintance with the material are significantly different from those ideas that appear upon repeat reading. It is no wonder, because you cannot notice the most important details while reading the text for the first time. This advice will be also relevant if you study musical works and paintings. This method needs a lot of time, but it helps you to study the investigated object well and consider it from different angles.

Write About The Most Important Information

Tell the readers about important information. Specify the author’s name, year of publication and other important facts in your work. Be careful. Check all the data well. It should be truthful and correct.

Think About Your Audience

Think about what kind of review you want to write, for example, the work about some ordinary, everyday things, or about science. Find the appropriate journal and publish your work.

Use The Arguments And Facts

The basis of your work, of course, will be your own opinion, but at the same time, only one idea is not enough for a good review. It is necessary to provide evidence in the form of facts and arguments. Even if your thought at first glance may seem contradictory to many readers, try to convince them that you are right using a lot of facts.

Learn The Features Of The Genre Of The Subject

Every genre of literature or other arts has its own characteristics. Before writing a review about some work, study well the features of the genre, in which it was created. It will help you to assess more professionally and correctly the role of characters and important details, the style of speech and the form of the work.

Compare Several Works

Comparison is a very good method of analysis. It is especially relevant in the reviews. For example, you are going to write a work about a book or a movie and want to emphasize how good the dialogues in this work are. In this case, to show this fact, you can match the object of your research with another, less successful text, or with a fragment of the film. The difference will be obvious and the reader will immediately understand that your observation is absolutely true.

Do Not Retell The Content

It is necessary to use citations as an argument, but you do not need to retell the entire plot of a book or a film. After all, some readers may not be familiar with this work of art and will want to see this movie or read this book only after reading your review.