Humanities Vs Sciences

Humanities Vs Sciences

Humanities are the set of sciences that includes certain subjects which study people, history, literature, their influence on surroundings as well as what impact the environment has on them. In general, humanities study culture and everything connected with it. In Great Britain, as an example, there is the Arts & Humanities Research Board that studies all branches of humanities and their tiniest relations with other spheres of life. They mainly focus on classics, modern languages, history, religion, philosophy and others. If you are eager to get deeper into the science and create a decent essay on this topic, there are a few notions to be discussed and remembered.

Writing an Impressive Humanities Essay

Main And Subsidiary Objects

Every main body paragraph of the essay should begin with the primary information that is going to be discussed. In order to assure reader of your subject awareness, you are obliged to show your knowledge of the topic you are writing about. Develop the main idea of the paragraph and add supportive statements to confirm your thoughts. As an introductory paragraph, you can always begin your essay with the question ‘what are the humanities?’ and direct the reader into the necessary topic.

Logical Structure

The key point of every essay is its well-structured sequence. You can use a common plan to create your piece of writing. As usual, you should begin your essay with introduction, where you present a starting point to move forward to a logical end. The next thing is the main body of the essay. Here, you present your arguments in several separate paragraphs, making supportive statements for clarifying your point of view. Make sure that the last paragraph owns the biggest value and has the most significant impact on the entire essay. In the conclusion, be sure that you have summarized all the points mentioned above and have made a general deduction.

Coherent Discussion

Humanities essays have their own peculiar features. Unlike all other scientific pieces of writing, here it is advisable to take into account other points of view and opinions. A deep analysis lets understand the authors’ relation to a certain issue. Discussing a certain problem, especially if there are two completely different points of view, has its own value as it is always interesting to hear and compare different thoughts and take something for yourself.

As you can see, a humanities essay is not as difficult to create, as it may seem. You should only pay attention to its peculiar features, as well as not to forget the main objectives while writing. Discussion is an integral part of an essay, so under no circumstances should you forget about using this method in your humanities essay.