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Best Ways to Improve Your Memory and Raise Your IQ Today

If you find yourself being inattentive and experiencing problems with memory, it is high time to take actions. Consider these tips and improve your memory and IQ significantly

7 Ways to Increase Your IQ

  1. Develop your relational skills

Scientists prove that there is a strong connection between IQ scores and relational skills of a person. So, developing your relational skills will raise your IQ.

  1. Improve your language

Raise your intellectual acumen by developing good command of language. Read a lot, enrich your vocabulary regularly, and keep a good dictionary to make your language skills perfect.

  1. Lead a healthy way of life

According to scientific research, healthy food and regular exercises contribute to brain development, which, in turn, raises your IQ.

  1. Check with experts

Every time you are not sure about the correct answer, browse the Internet or ask experts to satisfy your curiosity. Be sure to check with reliable sources and people who have enough expertise in a particular issue.

  1. Shape a growing mindset

According to the recent discovery, a person who believes he/she can learn more often achieves the goal. Think positively about your development abilities and shape a growing mindset on a physiological level.

  1. Train your brain

Nowadays, there are programs, applications, and other techniques that will help you to improve your IQ. Although their positive effect is not yet proven scientifically, you may take part in the experiment of mind development. 

  1. Get out of your comfort zone

Your usual type of behavior prevents your brain from development. Try something outside your current skill set and keep your brain active and fit.

5 Tips on How to Improve Your Memory

  1. Train it

Rehearse the information you want to remember regularly and it will take less time to reproduce it whenever you need.

  1. Comprehend the material you want to remember

Engage meaningfully with information you may want to recall later. If you pay attention to the meaning of the important content, you will remember it better.

  1. Use visual imagery

Different mind maps will help you to remember information by visualizing it in your mind. 

  1. Use acronyms

Creating abbreviations is a great way to remember names. This method is widely used by teachers in primary schools. So, why don’t you start from the very beginning?

  1. Bear in mind beginnings and endings

The beginning and the end of learning periods are usually easier to remember. So, do not be afraid to ask your teacher to repeat main points at the end of the lecture.

Using these simple methods, you will be able to remember tons of new information and increase your IQ. Improve yourself daily and success will be just a matter of time.