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Top Literature Review Topics and Ideas

Are you looking for good literature review topics for your writing inspiration? It is pretty understandable as it is just impossible to write a great literature review paper without inspiration. If you are stuck on choosing a good topic, our guide will be particularly helpful. We will not only provide you with the helpful tips and suggestions that will facilitate the writing process but will also provide you with a list of topics for literature reviews that will boost your writing talent.

Each of the literature research topics we suggest provides the researcher with the room for an in-depth investigation. However, you should understand that only a good topic is not enough for creating an impeccable literature review. You need to apply your best writing, analytical, and research skills to impress your instructor.

What Is a Literature Review?

Before you start your work on a literature review, you need to understand the essential features of this assignment. A literature review is an academic task that aims to analyze a specific literature piece on different layers. You may analyze a book, an academic article, or any other manuscript that has some value. In order to create a good literature review, you should be able to study the work, evaluate the author`s arguments, as well as indicate the strengths and weaknesses of this piece.

Is It Difficult to Write a Literature Review?

Yes, writing a literature review is not an easy thing, especially if you don`t have sufficient experience. This assignment has a lot of pitfalls and technicalities that should be considered before you get started. To receive a good grade for your paper, you should make it truly amazing in terms of content, structure, and format. Besides, your work should be absolutely original and authentic. When searching for credible evidence supporting your words, you should not forget to cite all the direct quotes or paraphrased parts in accordance with the formatting style indicated in your prompt. Indeed, formatting your paper may be very challenging if you are not familiar with the peculiarities of the style requested by your instructor. However, you should not let this assignment frighten you. Remember that practice makes perfect and the things that seem too challenging at the beginning will be much easier later.

What Is a Literature Review in a Dissertation?

A literature review chapter in a dissertation is of the main parts that should investigate the findings of other researchers within the scope of the topic of the dissertation. The students often commit the same mistake turning the literature review into a mere summary. Instead, the literature review should present an objective analysis of the findings of the reputed scholars. Analyzing their work, you may emphasize the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments and findings. Finally, you may compare and contrast their approaches telling which ones seem the most appropriate for your study.

How to Write a Great Literature Review for a Dissertation?

Writing such an important chapter of the dissertation like a literature review requires much work on the preparation stage. First, you need to have a clear topic or a hypothesis that will be explored in your dissertation. Once you are done with creating the topic, you may start researching materials. Pay attention that the blogs, encyclopedias, and other similar web resources are not quite appropriate in academic writing. In order to prove that your project has some theoretical and practical value, you should work only with credible and peer-reviewed scholarly materials. As for the common structure of the literature review chapter, you should know that it includes an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. Let`s focus on these parts in detail:

  • In the introduction, you should briefly introduce the topic and explain what sources you are going to use.
  • In the main body of your literature review, you need to analyze the works in detail mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of the scientific approach of each writer. Perhaps, you find some of them outdated whereas others seem relevant. Remember that when writing the main body of your literature review, you need to be maximally objective and unbiased;
  • Finally, the concluding part should indicate why did you use specific sources and what approaches are the most successful.

All in all, we assure you that your literature review is the basis of your dissertation that should never be underestimated. Only by knowing what findings other researchers managed to obtain, you will be able to make your study innovative and intriguing.

Choosing Interesting Dissertation Topics

In order to choose the best dissertation literature review topics, you need to brainstorm your ideas. First and foremost, the topic of your dissertation should be relevant to your subject or discipline. Second, it should be agreed with your supervisor. If you find it difficult to select a great topic to write your dissertation on, you should seek guidance from your supervisor. To turn the process of creating a dissertation into a pleasant adventure, you need to pick up the subject that fits your research interests. Finally, when it comes to dissertation writing, the topic should be unique and innovative. Nobody will assess your paper with the highest grade if you discuss the concepts that were already investigated by other scholars.

Education Literature Review Topics

When it comes to education, you should pick up a topic that would be relevant and appealing to the audience. For instance, you may write about unethical practices in the educational environment. Remember that your topic for a dissertation on education should be neither too broad nor too narrow as you will need to discuss several important aspects within the scope of your topic in detail.

If you lack the writing inspiration, do not give up! Look through the list of creative ideas gathered by our experienced and proficient academic writers. We assure you that these literature review topics will definitely boost your writing inspiration!

Top Education Topics and Ideas

  1. How can students cope with the challenging academic curriculum? Analyze the most effective strategies;
  2. Discuss children`s leadership practices in a pre-school education environment;
  3. Make an investigation on how the teacher`s training affects the quality of education;
  4. How college and university students should deal with stress?
  5. Make a literature review on pre-school education policies;
  6. Discuss the relation between healthy eating and academic performance;
  7. Investigate the problems with high education in underdeveloped countries;
  8. What factors impact the student`s creativity? Explain your answer with good examples;
  9. Discuss the importance of such factors like ethnicity, gender, and race in the classroom;
  10. Discuss the role of raising consciousness towards the issues of global warming in contemporary educational institutions;
  11. Should EFL/ESL practices become more popular in teaching native English speakers?
  12. Why educators are considered the best role models for their students? How they can inspire and motivate?
  13. Discuss the use of advanced informational technologies in the classroom.
  14. Examine the main reasons for rising costs on higher education?
  15. Monitoring in private colleges. Discuss the most cost-efficient strategies.
  16. Explain what factors affect student mobility in the United Kingdom?
  17. Collaborative learning strategies for students. Indicate the positive effects.
  18. Should teachers respect and support their children? What are the positive effects of this strategy?
  19. Do higher education systems fully meet the labor market requirements? Why?
  20. Should the students be taught how to manage their finances?

We assure you that the list of great literature review topic ideas on education is not limited to the ones mentioned above. In case you have any other idea you want to discuss in your paper, you may use it. After all, to write a winning literature review paper, you need to be attentive and persistent exploring your topic from different perspectives. Good luck!