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The Most Interesting Nursing Essay Topics to Write Your Paper

Students who plan to take a course in nursing look forward to interesting lecture topics and further opportunities to implement the learned skills in practice. They are really eager to start their practice and help take care of people. Nurses are considered to be one of the most devoted caregivers who do their job in a timely and respectful manner.

Many people appreciate nurses’ work and what they do probably because they spend more time with patients and have closer interaction with them than doctors. Still, before a nursing student becomes a nurse and starts interacting with and helping patients, he/ she needs to undergo rigorous training and come up with numerous nursing topics to write about for their classes.

So, if you are a nursing student who wants to find out really interesting nursing argumentative essay topics, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce you to the topics that will ensure that you submit successful essays on nursing. Check them out!

The Greatest Topics for an Essay about Nursing Career

  1. How to cure serious wounds. Intervention procedures.
  2. Significance of critical leadership in the nursing field.
  3. Provide a discussion of the level of knowledge, attitudes, and responsibilities of nurses who treat terminally ill patients in underdeveloped regions (such as some parts of Africa).
  4. Provide a discussion of the role of a nurse in the process of controlling risk factors of heart diseases. Focus on preventive methods.
  5. The role of nurses in the recovery process. Why is attachment to nurses more important to patients rather than interaction with a doctor?
  6. Provide a detailed discussion of evidence-based nursing practice. Critically analyze its role in the modern society.
  7. Provide assessment of factors that may intervene with the academic performance of nursing students. Discuss possible solutions and ways-out.
  8. Investigate the role of nursing consultancy and initiative.
  9. Provide an explanation of the difference between a matron and a nurse in the community.
  10. Critically analyze the importance of critical thinking as one of the core capacities of nursing graduates.
  11. How is nursing related to culture health? What is the connection?
  12. Define professional boundaries in nursing. What is their importance? Discuss professional boundaries on the example of female nurses’ performing urinary catheterization for male patients.
  13. What is the reason for registered nurses shortage? How can this issue be handled?
  14. Discuss qualities that are needed to become a successful and professional emergency nurse. Put a special emphasis on specific functions.
  15. Discuss and analyze holistic nursing.
  16. Discuss the role of a nurse in helping teen mothers cope with parenting.
  17. What ethical problems serve as a sign of unprofessionalism? Discuss concrete examples in the past and present.
  18. Provide discussion of the importance of perioperative nursing. What are its requirements?
  19. Discuss the peculiarities of contemporary nursing.
  20. Provide a critical analysis of the importance of geriatric nursing.

Ideas for an Argumentative Essay in Nursing

  1. Should home nursing be controlled in a stricter way?
  2. Should hospital administration define a specific number of nurses working at a hospital?
  3. Can nurses become victims of racial discrimination? In what way?
  4. Can nurses be allowed to get special authorization for medicine prescription?
  5. Are nurses respected and valued in the same way as doctors?

If you are having hard times coming up with an argumentative essay question on your own, check out the following 25 questions for writing an essay:

  1. What is the most favorable option for the treatment of dementia patients?
  2. Does euthanasia have the right to be legalized?
  3. How can after-operation intervention practices influence the recovery process of a patient?
  4. Why is the role of family members important in assisting palliative care patients?
  5. How to tell the truth to the patients who received a terminal diagnosis?
  6. In what ways can parents be better supported in neo-natal hospital units?
  7. Is it right for nurses or doctors decide on when it’s best to end a terminally-ill patient’s life?
  8. How can nurses be of assistance to family members in adopting the decision on whether to donate organs of their dead family member or not?
  9. Discuss the role of midwives. Is there a solid reason why their profession is underrated?
  10. In what ways can severe trauma units be cost effective and more efficient?
  11. How can extreme weather conditions affect nurses’ workloads in specific areas?
  12. What measures can be taken against nurses’ burnout in the workplace?
  13. What is the impact of government policies on the process of nurses’ recruitment?
  14. In what ways can general medical practitioners be of support to nurses during their practice?
  15. Should nurses be allowed to prescribe antibiotics without doctors’ approval? Discuss the benefits and risks associated with it.
  16. What is the nurses’ role in encouraging dementia patients to drink and eat?
  17. Should nurses with obesity be dismissed from their jobs as they set a bad example to patients regarding healthy lifestyle?
  18. How to reach mutual and effective cooperation between care workers and nursing staff?
  19. How is it helpful to look friendly in a hospital setting? Should smiling be included in the nursing policy?
  20. Do nurses have the right to deny medical treatment to abusive patients or offenders?
  21. How can intimate or romantic relationships between healthcare professionals in the workplace negatively affect patients’ treatment?
  22. Do nursing students get sufficient vocational training?
  23. Does nursing staff get enough financial remuneration?
  24. Do pharmaceutical companies follow the aim to gain profits on patients?
  25. Do cost-efficiency savings have to play a role in “life or death” cases?

Other Topics

  1. Analyze the shortage of nursing staff in the USA.
  2. What are the criteria for choosing an educational establishment for nursing major?
  3. How to evaluate patients in nursing practice?
  4. What are the current problems in the nursing field?
  5. Which courses are the most important for a student to become a professional and expert nurse?

Hopefully, the list of topics will help you to provide a premium-quality paper for your nursing course. Still, if you are not good at writing or are just not confident whether you can do the work properly, seek professional academic writing help from Advanced-Writer.com. Our company will eagerly help you with essay writing on any topic.