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Personal Narrative Essay

Personal Narrative Essay – What Is It?

The following type of essay is, in the majority of cases, too personal. Thus, this essay type is called or referred to as a personal narrative essay. This essay allows giving the readers a very close insight into one’s personal experience. It is recommended to dwell on the extraordinary things that influenced or changed the writer somehow, thus making a specific difference for the rest of his / her life. Each person had significant moments, events, or deeds that changed his / her points of view or attitude to specific things or people. It has an influence on ones’ personality. Writing an essay on one of the narrative essay topics is an amazing opportunity to show one’s feelings, emotions, or even inner world.

You should consider that there is always a magnificent possibility to choose one of the personal narrative essay topics, which will allow you to complete a relevant and interesting story. Once you settle on the topic you like, you should keep to it by all means.

The idea of writing a first-person narration is regarded not as the unique one. Always keep in mind that your personal narrative essay can excite and entertain your future readers, or even assist them in getting over a very complicated period in their career or life. The fascinating stories of people that manage to overcome or cope with various disorders or problems or those who were able to get out of a dreadful and difficult situation, crisis, or trouble are much the same as in the narrative papers. You should ponder on a profound way that your personal narrative essay can assist or support other people that make up their minds to stick to your example. Your piece of writing will definitely help people to overcome different problematic situations that they are currently facing.

A personal narrative essay is recognized to take its right place among other fascinating written assignments for the students who like or adore various creative and original tasks. It should be noted that this type of essay can be compared to the experience of a professional writer: you should tell an amazing story, also known as a personal narrative essay story, which is supposed to touch the minds, hearts, and souls of the future readers. Completing such an essay allows unleashing your creativity and uniqueness not worrying about detailed and thorough research or the list of references. The only thing you are to do is to write with passion and, of course, from your heart.

The Choice of the Topic for a Personal Narrative Essay

It is always difficult to commence writing. You should brood on an interesting story that will describe an essay topic suggested by your teacher. Your personal narrative essay should comprise two essential elements:

  • Narration (the story itself)
  • A thorough analysis of this narration

Your piece of writing can dwell on any theme, topic, or concept presented by means of your story given your personal narrative essay.

A personal narrative essay does not imply involving any research or using any other sources. According to the articles on how to write a personal narrative essay, a personal story is to be the source of any or several pieces of evidence. It is real support for a thesis statement that you are to provide in your piece of writing.

It is an excellent way that can be applied to test and check the student’s critical and his / her ability to relate his / her experience to an original theme touched upon in class.

Classic Narrative Essay Topics

  • The most fascinating first-time experience that you got in childhood.
  • The achievement of your essential life goal. What is your most significant achievement at the moment? Why is of great importance to you?
  • Your dreadful failure. Take into account that in the majority of cases, it is interesting and heuristic to read about people’s failures.
  • A bad or good deed made by you. It is always a huge challenge for the writer to dwell on such things. It is proven that the readers will appreciate this.
  • An amazing or important change in your life.

How to Complete Narrative Essay: Practical Tips and Useful Hints

The task of completing any type of essay is constantly given by teachers or professors in colleges and universities. Sometimes such a writing assignment can also be given in high school to teach students how to handle other pieces of writing accordingly in the future. Basically, a narrative essay implies that the writer tells his / her story to future readers. The writer can devote his / her story to a certain person, a unique place, an interesting item that is of great importance to him/her, or a specific event that occurred to him/her.

Below there are a few practical tips to assist you in writing your narrative essay.

  1. Always present your story in chronological order. A story without any order can confuse your readers. In order to avoid making it senseless, you should tell your readers all the things as they took place and make the order flow in the logical and profound progression.
  2. While completing a narrative essay, you should not miss or neglect essential points, people, or events. Make sure that your readers know how you managed to get from point A and then to point B, etc. You should do your best to present a real story as it was.
  3. If you dwell on a person, you should make emphasis on his /her look, deeds, and behavior so that the readers will be able to find out more about him/her and what he/she looks like.
  4. Try keeping all things interesting and fascinating so that your future readers will pay close attention to each and every minute detail presented in your essay.
  5. Consider that in the majority of cases, quality is much better than quantity. If you are to follow the set word count, make sure that all essential points are highlighted in your essay. Avoid utilizing plenty of useless information.
  6. Make the habit of yours to prepare several drafts so that you will be able to consult with your teacher or professor concerning a specific point. Take into account that the majority of prominent and world-famous people had drafts of their masterpieces.
  7. Always try having fun while writing your essay. If you have fun, it will be much easier to work on your essay. It is also proven, that if a person is crazy about the topic chosen, the unbelievable result will await in the end.

Narrative Essay Introduction Writing

An efficient narrative essay presents a peculiar story with interesting and original details or facts. The way is supposed to be comprehensive as it is not an ordinary novel. Your narrative essay should be concise, creative, fairly contained, and unique. Try choosing a real story of yours, for instance, a family trip to Mexico, a magnificent weekend with your close friends in the mountains, a dreadful birthday party, or whatever you want.

  • Long stories usually result in a poorly written essay. Avoid commencing the introduction of your narrative essay with “That autumn,” or “This year,” because they are too broad to present certain details that are required for writing a story.
  • Choose an amazing event or deed from your winter/summer holidays, not something that may take a longer time to reveal.
  • Restrict the number of your characters in the story. Make emphasis only on the most important ones.
  • Then brood on the personal narrative essay title.

How to Create a Narrative Essay Outline

It is recommended to outline the plot of your future essay before you commence your process of writing. You ought to complete the list of all significant points in your story. By doing so, you will be able to include each essential point and do not miss anything important. You have to include such elements of narrative as:

  • The beginning;
  • The middle;
  • The end.

The outline assists in limiting things and makes you concentrated on the most significant points only. The outline of your personal narrative essay is not to be the formal one. The following part does help you to write your essay. Include only essential scenes and arrange them accordingly.

How to Complete a Decent Narrative Essay Conclusion

The concluding part of each piece of writing is the last step in your story. You should restate the aim of your essay and take into account several useful tips, such as:

  • Consider that the conclusion is not the story’s end.
  • It should continue the sequence of the facts provided by you earlier.
  • Summarize what you learned or discovered from your story.
  • Your readers should get interested in your story even if they have finished reading it.

We hope that the above-given information will help you to cope with your personal narrative essay writing. If you have any doubts or questions concerning how to complete a personal narrative essay or need any writing assistance or guidance, refer to our online custom and academic writing service whenever you want.