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Student Life: Healthy Study Habits

Student Life: Healthy Study Habits

The human’s health, first of all, depends on the condition of our organism. Here are collected some tips, which will help students maintain their mental and emotional health in norm. All tips can be divided into five healthy strategies, depending on the sphere of life they concern – these are tips, which are related to social life, physical activity, cognitive group of councils, motivational and emotional strategies.

Tips for Saving Your Health

Social Life

It is well known that people who interact a lot with other people have better mental health. The basis of the first strategy is the communication. Continue to be in touch with your relatives and friends. Make new friends among classmates and neighbors. Communicate on the topic of study and on simple household themes. Remember that you can always contact the support service that works with students if you have some problems. They can definitely help many people.

Physical Health

A healthy body helps our mind work better. Always remember that a good sleep is the basis of a strong health and well-being. Do not forget about the hygiene. Monitor your diet, eliminate harmful food, and avoid bad habits, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs. Immediately consult a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms of any disease.

Emotional Condition

Different negative emotions can appear in the life of each person, unfortunately, they affect our health negatively. But you can learn how to be distracted from bad emotions, thereby reducing their harmful effects on your body. Do not focus on the bad things, think more about the good, remember the pleasant moments, learn the basics of meditation and relaxation, apply various breathing exercises. Add more positive emotions to your life.

Cognitive Health

Our thoughts influence our mood, and in consequence, our health, we also need to learn how to control thoughts. Always try to think optimistically. Do not criticize yourself too much, find your strengths, and think more about your advantages. Never compare yourself with someone, it can greatly lower your self-esteem, all people are unlike neither the character nor the appearance, there is no one better or worse – everybody is special in its own way. Do not keep your anxious thoughts in your head, talk to someone, and share what you are worried about.


Everyone knows that motivation is the main way to success in any business. Your mental health will begin to improve with the right motivation in any kind of work. Think about your achievement, remind it yourself every morning. Find a real image of your success, a photo, a picture depicting what you dream about, hang it in a visible place, look at it often, and repeat that everything will be fine. Remember for what you are doing something and what you will get at the end of the work done. Go to the goal gradually, slowly, but purposefully. Tell people about your plans, find the supporters. Do not hesitate to ask for help from professionals, teachers, or simply your friends.