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Useful Things To Write About Creative Writing

As an every life experience, writing needs practice to be improved. You should continuously try and try until you are satisfied with a result. The biggest problem that you can meet is writer’s block. This is a situation when you are sitting in front of a blank page and can create nothing at all. What you should do at this time is just try really hard to write. Even though it sounds absurd and unclear, here is a list of what you do should in order to push your writing and get rid of annoying mind block.

Treating Mind Block

  1. Get Inspired By A Book

Simply randomly choose a book on a bookshelf, within you online library or a paper among you academic writings. Open it on a random page and you will definitely find something to write about. If not, just repeat this process a few times and you will get to the desirable inspiration quickly.

  1. Invent A Character

You should describe your new character completely. Create a name, appearance, age, family, childhood, etc. Everything that the reader should know about your new hero should be shown in your creative writing.

  1. Make An Ending

If you are struggling to begin the paragraph, first create its ending. A sentence “He would do anything to turn back his watch five minutes” provokes prompt thinking and thus you will be able to start the paragraph with the already created ending.

  1. Take A Title From Another Book

Perhaps some help from another writer would not be extra if you are suffering to write a paragraph. Think of a book that you have recently read and base your paragraph on that title – it will expand your idea and will definitely make it more colorful.

  1. Get Your Dream To Help

You must definitely have some amazing dreams that you have recently seen. This is the place where the most unbelievable events happen. Here, you will definitely find things to write about. If it was a nightmare, do not hesitate to write a horror story – maybe that is where you should start.

  1. Use Personal Experience

The best experience that could ever inspire you for writing is your own. Even your childhood events can bring a new breath into writing. Moreover, if you add some fictional twists of plot, that would impress readers even more.

  1. Learn To Describe A Picture

After choosing a topic for writing, simply google it and look for images connected with this word. This way a story will come by itself and you will be amazed how easy it is to describe a picture and just add some details.

  1. Become The Main Character

If your previous experience is not enough, then simply think how you would act in your own world. Tell what your action would be, what decisions you will make and what is the most important, how your personality would change during the story. It is also a nice chance to become a character that you have always dreamt to be.