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What To Do With Found Money

Everybody is glad when he/she finds something occasionally, especially money. It is always pleasant to get a few extra bucks in the unexpected place and if those are not just a few dollars, that seems even luckier. Some people even make a hobby of looking for money on streets, spending days and even nights struggling to find such desirable green bills and even simple coins. People used to find big sums of money on streets indeed. Previously USA today published the article about an old woman who found and successfully returned more than 100.000$ in a simple restaurant not far from her house in Tennessee. That granny returned a really big amount of money, but the question here whether you are obliged to do that if you find a bit more than a 20 dollar bill. Here is what you should know about the law, procedure of returning and some unbelievable luck.

Dealing with Street Money

What The Law Is

In the USA, the law requires to return money to their owner if he/she can be recognized, regardless of the state, where the treasure was found. For example, having found a wallet that contains an ID card, credit card, driving license or anything else that confirms the identity of the owner, you are obliged to hand the wallet to the person who lost it. In case there is no possibility to return the wallet to its rightful owner, you should address your nearest police department and give the wallet to them. Otherwise, if you decide to leave a found purse for yourself and the identity of that wallet is stated, then you are considered to be a thief and can be accused of stealing the private property.

What The Procedure Is

If you happened to find money on the street without any possibility to recognize the owner, then you should also address your local police department and claim about the finding. However, do not be dissatisfied. If nobody claims for the money, which you have found, then the police will give it back to you. The only question, which remains, is the time. In different American states this is a different period of time, so be sure you find this out in advance.

What The Luck Is

Finally, not all amounts are worth addressing the police department. First, make a notice that if you have found money on the street, but the sum is rather small, less than 20 dollars, there is no need to call the police department, because they will not consider the case. You can save it for yourself and do with it whatever you want. If you do not know what to do with found money, simply give them on charity – you do not lose anything, but you will definitely help.