What Should You Do If You Miss a Lecture

What Should You Do If You Miss a Lecture

Almost every ordinary student can’t muster up some strength and energy to wake up early in the morning, get out of bed and go to class. It seems like a real everyday challenge. Will you attend a 9 a.m. lecture and force yourself to study despite feeling physically unprepared? Or the lure to do anything else can become irresistible?

There are Three Completely Different Types of College Students:

  1. the ones who seem to face no problems ever;
  2. students who go to college and mess it up partying all the time;
  3. those of us who care but eventually lose motivation.

Whatever the type you belong to, missing a lecture is something that every student will do at least once at a certain point. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t skipped one. The reasons can vary from legitimate and excusable to the ones with the drastic consequences. Skipping a lecture on occasion is okay. But do not get used to poor attendance and frequent absences because of your laziness, oversleeping, or hanging out with your friends instead of attending a class. Do not be alarmed! Missing an occasional lecture will not necessarily impact negatively your grades or cause you to be expelled from college.

The following statements contain both pros and cons of going to a lecture:

  • It takes effort

+ Your morning activities provide a good start of the day.

- You can do something else instead.

  • It happens in real time

+ You can focus on the subject and you can pay your attention to it.

- You can easily speed up the online lecture and save your time.

  • You have to spend time with other students

+ You can strike up friendships and ask your new friends for help.

- You have to share with somebody your learning environment.

What should you do if you miss a class?

  • When you have a justified reason to skip a lecture (e.g., emergency, a significant family engagement or a doctor’s appointment), let your lecturer know about it by an email. But if you missed one relatively uneventful class with hundreds of students in a lecture hall, no one could even notice your absence. On the other side, if you missed a seminar class, deadline or a final exam, definitely contact your professor. Furthermore, do not ask whether you missed anything considerable. Of course, you did.
  • Anyway, lecture notes you can find online on college intranet for a great number of courses in most universities. But remember, they can be relatively brief and contain only generalized points.
  • Ask your fellow student who attended the class (the most reliable to talk to) for the information provided during a lecture. Borrow the notes of your classmate and try to catch up on what you missed.

Find out whether the lecture is repeated at a different time

Unlike high school, skipping class in college is likely not to be problematic. One lecture is not a big deal as well. Just don’t make a habit of it. Stay always motivated. You can’t obtain every single thing you missed just from a classmate. Realizing how best to handle missing out on a lecture will help you not to suffer from consequences and will allow you to succeed in the later classes.