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Write a Good Discussion Board Post with Us

What Is a Discussion Board

The discussion board is a website where professors and students can share different useful information. Some learners do not know how to write a discussion board post. If you doubt where to start, read these discussion board rules.

How to Create a New Topic

In order to share some information, you need to create a new theme. All topics are divided into threads. When creating a new theme, try to give clear information about what your discussion is about in the title. Be sure to review the main sections of the site. Your message should be posted in the section that is intended for this. Create an informative topic name. The title of the theme is aimed at quick orientation in the general list of discussions; do not complicate the possibility of such orientation for readers.

Avoid using emoticons and duplicating characters in the subject line. To display the nature of the message, you can use the message icon, which may be selected immediately after the topic name field when creating a message.

Avoid creating topics that immediately distract the readers. If it is possible, state the essence of the question directly in your first message. Creating a link topic is welcomed when information cannot be placed in a message for objective reasons (size, graphic design, etc.) or when its placement on the discussion board may violate other people’s copyrights.

How to Write the Correct Text

Try to make your post as brief and understandable as possible. The message should contain only the most important information. Adhere to the correct style of communication. The text is not able to convey the emotional coloring and intonation of what was said. Therefore your joke or an incorrectly worded remark may unwittingly offend the interlocutor.

Do not forget about the rules of grammar and punctuation. Remember that skipping commas, you make it difficult to understand the meaning of your message for other readers, and by making many mistakes, you form a negative opinion of yourself as an illiterate and uneducated person.

Stick to the main topic of discussion. The unjustified division of the discussion topic, which is not related to the original issue, makes it difficult to find the necessary information on the message board, and in some cases, it may become uninteresting. If you have a question on a related topic, find the appropriate theme or section, ask an answer there or start a new discussion (creating internal links from one topic to another is welcome).

How to Respond to a Discussion Post

If you made a mistake, for example, duplicated a post or create a blank message, send a private message to a moderator. Do not write new posts and comment on your mistakes. When posting materials proposed for discussion, reference to the source is obligatory.

Use the function of quoting someone else’s messages wisely. When citing, cut sentences that do not relate to the essence of your answer from the messages of the interlocutor. It will be easier to understand your own message.

Avoid personal correspondence on discussion board threads. Private letters are unlikely to be of interest to other users, so use an existing personal messaging module or email for this purpose.

Avert using bulky signatures. If possible, use a one-line automatic signature and do not include graphic images. Cumbersome signatures can litter the pages of the discussion board. Its real purpose is to share useful information.

Eschew excessive use of emoticons. They are designed to add emotional color to your words. Using several identical emoticons in one sentence, you will not add useful information to the message but only overload it.

Avoid frequent use of empty spaces between lines. They do not make sense but increase the total number of pages. This makes it more difficult for you to browse the website and extend the time spent on page transitions.

The Post Format

Avoid typing in capital letters. The use of capital letters should be equivalent to focusing only on a single word but not on the whole sentence and, especially, the whole message. Words written in capital letters in the names of topics are not allowed. Do not abuse the option of attaching files to messages. The enclosure of files that have real and long-term value for the readers of the discussion board is welcome (photo reports about the events held, photo news, etc.).

Stick to the black color of the font. Use other colors only to highlight a particularly important part of your message. Double posting is prohibited. Do not create several short messages in a row for a short time. If you need to add something new to the message, use the editing function.

Forbidden Things

Remember you cannot humiliate other users in any explicit or hidden form. You also cannot use obscene words and expressions, even replacing, adding, or deleting several letters. The moderator reserves the right to remove such words and expressions from the text without explaining the reasons and to punish the violator, up to a ban on using the website. You do not need to lead an unwarranted dispute. If you have objections to the messages of the interlocutor, they must be supported by at least a minimum set of arguments. It is forbidden to post messages under different names because it can mislead the readers about the number of people who hold the stated point of view or participate in the discussion.

You should not use personal images that are clearly offensive. It is also not recommended to use trademarks and registered marks for which the participant has no legal rights.

Having learned this discussion board post tips, you can create the proper post. These skills will help you become an active member of the students’ Internet community. This way you can read about interesting facts and share useful information with others. This is a very convenient way to keep abreast of current events.