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What Are Case Briefs?

When you are a law student, you will often be asked to summarize and provide deep analysis of legal cases of significance. A case brief discusses the concrete facts about the case; the arguments presented by each side, outlines the issues and legal implications and goes into detail about the judge’s opinion including their rationale.

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Tips for Writing a Case Brief

A case brief is a type of assignment that is commonly given to law students and is often used in the legal profession when preparing cases. If you are a student who expects to be involved in legal writing, it is important that you understand how to properly put together a case brief, especially in terms of the format and structure.

Legal case brief examples follow a very strict formula and are more technical than standard academic writing assignments. For one thing, the legal field is complex, as it is, requiring unique terminology that make it so different from other writing. In addition, the formatting is highly specific and uniform across all types of case briefs regardless of the type of case. Because of this, students often get frustrated and need help. Looking at a case brief example is only slightly helpful. What the student really needs to do is buy a case brief from our writing experts and let us handle the burden. We will do all of the research, identify similar cases in order to provide more context, and supply you with fantastic custom case brief writing by your deadline.

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How a Case Brief is Structured:

  1. Introduction. This is the part of the paper where you discuss the parties to the case along with some background information;
  2. Description of case. This contains comprehensive analysis about the case, the issues brought up by the parts, and the opinion rendered by the judge(s).
  3. Conclusion. Discuss whether you think the case was decided correctly citing other related cases.

How to Write a Case Brief

If you want to have success with writing a case brief, it is important that you follow our suggestions. Also keep in mind that even if the process seems frustrating right now, once you gain enough experience and become deeply familiar with the process it will become infinitely easier. Keep these things in mind:

  • Identify all of the facts of the case and organize them in the form of an outline. This information is essential because it forms the foundation of your case brief.
  • Take a look at the history of this particular case from the initial trial all the way through the appellate process. Record all of the procedures, the dates of the cases, motions, rulings, verdicts, opinions and all of the other information. This will allow you to understand the entire case in the best possible way.
  • Present all of the main issues of the case and formulate questions, preferably the “yes or no” type.
  • Identify what application of law as it relates to this case. In particular, you should discuss the “black letter law.”
  • Discuss the legal basis for the decisions that were rendered in this case. In particular, you will want to make note of legal precedent as well as both the majority decision, concurring opinion and dissent.
  • Even as you discuss the concurring opinion and dissent, you do not want to focus too much on it. It is simply another way to consider the case from a different perspective, which can be useful.
  • Most likely the case that you are analyzing in the brief is of great importance. You will need to explain why it is relevant and, in particular, why you choose it.
  • Very few cases are cut and dry. There will always be controversy and issues that go unresolved. For this reason, you should write down any questions from the case and during the class discussions ask your classmates for their opinions.
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