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Expert Motivation Letter Writing

One of the examples where a motivation letter is required is when you are trying to obtain a position in a company of your choice. In such case, you should make sure that your letter is precise, clear and formal. The aim of such letter is to convince the application committee that you are the person they have been looking for.

Keep a professional tone while writing a letter of such type. Even when you are telling about your achievements, personal skills and experience, you should avoid sounding boastful. Your task is not to make people think if you as about an arrogant person but as about a good specialist. You should address a letter to a specific person. This will help you set a right tone of your letter and make a person reading it understand that you know whom you are dealing with.

It is recommended to start letters of such type by presenting yourself from a positive side. Tell about your strengths and about those aspects of your character, which make you a perfect fit for a position. Mention some experience connected to the position you want to obtain and about personal experience that makes you a good candidate. Do not start such letters with reviling your weak points and criticizing yourself all at once. Instead, try to make your letter career-oriented. Do not just say what you can do, support your claims with examples how you implemented your skills in practice. If your letter is addressed to a specific organization, make sure you will get more information about it, its operation and specifically about the position you want to obtain prior to letter writing. It will help you focus on those aspects that are particularly required from a candidate.

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Information to Include in Your Motivation Letter

A good motivation letter should, first of all, contain information on those skills and qualities that are specifically required by the company and a specific position. After that, you should also think about those qualities you have that may be useful for you in performing your tasks. It is up to you what structure of the paper you use. You may provide information on your qualities in separate paragraphs or using a form of a list or bullet points. Do not forget to connect all your abilities to the position you want to get. Some of the points a letter must include are the following:

  • Greeting. Make sure to address a correct person or department in your letter in order not to create confusion.
  • Opening statement. Even if your letter is pre-written, this particular sentence should be customized to meet the requirements of a specific position in the company. Make sure to say why you are applying for the position and how you can be useful.
  • Main body. In the main body of your letter, you are supposed to tell about your achievements and skills that can be useful to the company. You should explain how you can apply your abilities to solve particular issues the company faces or may face.
  • Explain how you are going to use your experience to bring value to the company.
  • Conclusion. Use the “call-to-action” strategy to end your letter. Make sure the reader will realize that you are the best for this position.

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