Many students browse the Internet to find valuable information about the best way to write a common app essay. Our team of advisors looked for the most important of those tips. We are happy to present you some simple but extremely useful guidelines you will definitely find handy while being involved in essay writing. Here is what you should keep in mind when writing common app essays.

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  1. Measure twice, cut once. Usually, when writing a common app essay, some students feel like telling their whole life story. But usually, you have a word count to follow. Most of the time, it is too little for some stories. That is why one should think well to concentrate on one event or story. It should be something really important. Maybe, you went on a hiking tour and forgot a sleeping bag at home. Therefore, you had to fight the nature and sleep as the first people did. Or maybe you have read an article which made you make a 180-degree turn in your beliefs. This is the kind of information that will tell a lot about you. A story about your hobby or love for pets will never show who you really are and will only look like a try to get done with the task as soon as possible.
  2. Write first and edit afterward. You may be running out of the deadline. That is the very time when everyone tries to hurry up. So, you have already found several common app essay examplesand are getting ready to start. Always make sure that you will not be distracted from writing. Even if you make vivid spelling mistakes, let them alone till the time you start editing the paper. You may lose the point while trying to fix a minor mistake. Never cut the information in the process of writing as you will have time to do this when everything is done, and you see your whole essay. When writing, your head is overwhelmed with ideas that arise all the time, therefore, it is better to read the essay one more time and edit it the next day.
  3. Avoid the clichés. Try to follow all the common app essay prompts provided by your teacher. People find clichés extremely unappealing. We advise you to start thinking out of the box. Make everything as simple as possible. The reader wants to see your critical evaluation of the situation, to understand your feelings and even try to feel the same. All of the above mentioned is impossible when you use clichés every single time.
  4. How do you like it? There are hundreds of other common app essay questions which you need to use when writing the paper. This one is extremely important. If you were reading the paper instead of your teacher, would you like it? Is the story interesting and intriguing? If someone wrote a story like you did, would it be worth spending the time on reading it? Does it allow the reader to learn a lesson? Take these common app essay questions into account to make the essay appealing.
  5. So now you know how to pick from a bunch of common app essay topics the one that will work. Make it clear. The essay should be fluent and easy to follow. The reader should be able to summarize it in a few sentences. Be always creative when describing the events or your own feelings. It is good when the reader feels like a part of the story.
  6. Have a plan. You always need to make a plan first before writing common app essays. It will let you arrange the ideas. Besides, it will make the whole writing process much easier. You can also use your plan to create a draft of the essay to be. By following these guidelines, your common app essay will achieve success.

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