When students hear the word “critical,” they visualize some positive and negative meanings. If you have to write a critical essay, your ideas will have to be based solely on the reading or watching. It does not mean that you will have to mention only positive or negatives sides of what you have learned from the text or movie; you have to show your attitude and say whether it was easy to comprehend the information or not. Sometimes critical writing is called “detached evaluation” because you have to check the completeness of presented data, unity and coherence of facts, the level of creativity, etc.

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Critical Essay: Panic Is Not Allowed

If your professor asks you to write a critical lens essay, please do not panic. Obviously, you are not an editor or critic in the newspaper and will not be able to complete this task professionally. However, the purpose of such writing tasks is to make students perceive information from a different perspective, even if it contradicts the commonly accepted principles. In your critical papers, it is forbidden to jump on the bandwagon. You have to show that you can generate ideas based on your logical thinking instead of outside assumptions.

In your critical analysis essay, be sure to include the following aspects:

  1. A very brief summary of author’s evaluations and points of view:
  2. Mention the main idea or the thesis.
  3. Support it with the key facts. Find author’s reasoning.
  4. It is highly advisable to find any hidden or implied ideas.
  5. Explain how the author concludes and if there are any suggestions for the future actions.
  6. Now it is high time to include your personal evaluations.
  7. Clearly assess the facts that author presented in the text/movie.
  8. Check their relevance, validity, and correctness.
  9. Try to find any logical inconsistencies or fallacies. Did the author succeed in logical reasoning?
  10. Did the author follow the generally accepted writing standards?
  11. Are there any appraisals you would like to mention about the reading/watching?

If you have provided answers to all the abovementioned questions, you can get back to the task file. Do not underestimate the importance of reading professor’s requirements one more time. Sometimes a professor assigns a book as a primary reading and an article as a secondary one, whereas most of the students focus on the book only. If you do not want to lose grades, please check if you are done with the required reading. Moreover, if you include any direct quotes or paraphrased ideas in the paper, you should provide in-text citations. If not, the professor can blame you for plagiarism. Some customers contact us with a question “What is a critical essay?” or “Can you write a critical paper for me?” Advanced-Writer.com has helped thousands of students like you and will be happy to work on the writing task instead of you.

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If you do not know how to write a critical essay, begin from creating the outline and the first draft. Then you will have to revise your draft until you have the feeling of completeness and understand that professor’s instructions were followed. Remember that in critical papers, you have to focus on your standpoint, which should be supported with some facts from the reading. Teachers do not like to read summaries of the book that can be easily found on the literary blogs and free sample papers. You have to provide evidential support for your claims because academic writing should reflect on how you interpret the material. The tone of your writing should always be serious and formal.

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