It is not something surprising that different types of academic tasks have different requirements that students are obliged to fulfill. Such types of assignments as argumentative essays, article reviews, term papers, personal essays and others will seem much easier to complete if there is a basic essay structure to follow. There is a recommendation that a standard essay is supposed to have five paragraphs, which are: an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Get some basic hints on 5-paragraph essay structure, which can help you to prepare a well-written academic paper and get high grades.

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A key for setting up the content of a well-written paper is a great introduction. The reader of the paper should have an idea of paper subject even before he or she gets to the thesis statement. While writing an essay,it is recommended to prepare an introduction in order to provide a sneak peek of the major points and any chosen questions the writer has and will attempt to answer. The third important step after picking fascinating essay title and providing essay introduction is presenting a well-written thesis statement. Usually, the reader can find the thesis statement that succinctly states the argument the writer will be making throughout. A strong thesis statement is a kind of road map for the entire paper. In other words, the reader is set and has an idea of what to expect from the rest of the paper.

Three Body Paragraphs

The core elements of a standard essay are three body paragraphs. All body paragraphs have the same structure. It starts with a topic sentence, and then the writer presents two to three sentences of supporting evidence and a final transition sentence which would move the reader on to the next paragraph.

A topic sentence states what the writer will be talking about in each paragraph. It is highly recommended to connect each sentence to the thesis statement. The following sentences should be related to the overall topic of the paragraph and present best pieces of evidence. All body paragraphs should include smooth transitions so that the reader can easily follow ideas. A single transition sentence at the end of the body paragraph should be used in order to guide the reader to the next topic.

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Many academic experts and university professors say that essay conclusion can make or break an entire essay. This is because it is the last thing the reader will keep in mind. It is a function of conclusions to restate the main points given in body paragraphs. It is important to remember that conclusion never introduces a new idea, but it shows how all ideas are related to one another and how they work to confirm the thesis statement.

Today, professors recommend their students to avoid using such phrases as “in summary,” “in conclusion,” or “in closing.” Indeed, students are challenged to create more captivating beginnings of conclusions. The thesis should not be stated for the very first time in the conclusion; it is a mistake, and students can pay for it by receiving a low grade. The writer should structure his or her conclusion so that it leaves the reader with a sense of closure. He or she should have no questions about what was just read. In order to leave a lasting impression, the writer should return to the theme or themes in the introduction. Another strategy is to ask a compelling question, a statement that brings the reader back to the beginning of the essay. Moreover, some writers decide to challenge the reader to act on something; others include a provocative quotation or insight from the reading or research which was done for the paper. It is up to the writer to decide how to end the paper.

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