Sometimes, students mess up their papers with unnecessary information. They used different essay words in order to increase the word count. Students know that their professors are very strict when it comes to word count. Thus they try to extend the paper with the help of useless word combinations. However, you should beware as professors strictly assess the essay language you use and overall level of your writing. Therefore, your paper should be written in the proper language.

Redundancy is defined as an excessive reiteration of words and phrases. Embellishing a paper with various words can add a unique appeal, but it can also spoil the paper due to its overloading with redundant information. Do not use extra details. Try to focus on your primary objective and write clearly and concisely.

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How to Avoid Redundancy

Wordiness, unnecessary words, and use of jargon are the main reasons of redundancy in academic writing. Here you can find some examples on how the same information could be conveyed concisely and clearly:

  • Redundant sentence: There were four astronauts which went on each and every space mission to the moon.

  • Concise and clear sentence: There were four astronauts on every moon mission.

  • Redundant sentence: The leaders of the Students Association will consider the claim and arrive at their final decision by voting on Tuesday next week at their meeting.

  • Concise and clear sentence: The Students Association will announce their voting results at next Tuesday’s meeting.

Concise and clear writing saves reader’s time as well as patience. It makes the paper more organized and straight to the point. There are some commonly used word combinations that overload your text and make it awkward. It is better to avoid such phrases as for the most part; at the present times; as I am trying to say; by virtue of the fact that; in a very real sense; for the purpose of; the point I am trying to make; in the final analysis; because of the fact that, and so on. These phrases overburden your paper and make a reader feel that it is full of puffs. Therefore, try always to keep your writing simple and smooth.

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Always Check Your Paper for Essay Words

Do not forget to recheck your paper for constant repetition of the same information. Remove redundant words, jargon phrases, or unnecessary expressions if any. Remember that it is better to write one clear, simple sentence than repeat the same information several times. Take a look at your paper and if you notice a hint on wordiness, immediately rewrite such phrases. Your paper should have paragraph transitions and flow smoothly. Do not use unnecessary words and repetition to emphasize a point. Of course, it is important to put emphasis on certain information, but you should make certain that it is not overemphasized. Above all, you have to make sure that the paper is properly structured and well organized. Do not forget that you can always eliminate unnecessary repetition. If you want to get a good grade, you should be certain that there is no tautology in your paper. Thinking about how to understand what expressions are redundant? The main way you can ascertain what some words mean is check them in the dictionary. There are some examples of tautology in sentences: new innovation; personally I; the evening sunset; first priority; in my opinion, I think that; sleepily sleepy; my own; morning sunrise; first and foremost; etc.  

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