Types of essays a student may choose for writing his paper serve different purposes. They are designed to check students’ knowledge of a specific course. The others check how good they understand the main concepts of a specific subject. Moreover, different types of papers may require different methods of writing them. In order not to get confused, we offer you to read the following information regarding the most common types of papers.

Writing Analytical Essay

This essay type gives a detailed examination of things or events and helps understand their specific features. For example, if you characterize a book or some story, it is not enough just to say that it is worthwhile reading. It is important to explain why it is so, examining its components. Deep research of the event or thing is required in the process of such essays writing.

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Writing in a Chronological Manner

Among different essay types, this one deals with sequence of events.In case you have to write an essay that has an aim of describing some historical events, you will write a chronological essay. It can be stated that among different types of essays, chronological essay tells us the events of past that are mentioned from the modern perspective.

Writing of Compare and Contrast Essays

These types of essays study two things and determine their differences and similarities. This type of writing is used when you have to compare, for example, positive and negative features of the main character of some book. It can be used to compare historical events, different points of view regarding some specific occurrences, etc. The peculiarity of this type of writing is that it may combine the other type of writing, for example, analytical writing, etc.

Descriptive Essay

Unlike chronological writing or any other kind of writing, current essay type deals with the description of things, events, and their characteristics. The example of such kind of essay may be to write how the process of photosynthesis occurs. Anyway, in some essays of this type, more than one point of view can be used to describe the event.

Evaluative Writing

Writing this type of essay, the writer has to make a judgment about something. For instance, he has to evaluate the importance of teaching new skills to the new coming students at some university. Still, evaluation requires not only a statement about some things and events but also evidence to support such statement. Just like compare and contrast writing, this type of essays may combine several other writing types. For example, to evaluate some event in more detail, it can be useful to compare it with the other events of such type.

Writing of Summary

This writing type shortly describes the main features of something. The example of such essay may be: “Describe the most important features of culture in Ancient Rome.” This type of writing is one of the most widespread as it can be traced in almost every essay or any other paper. It is caused by the fact that writing assignments are usually designed in such a way that they make students show their knowledge and understanding of a specific topic, subject or concept. Writing of summary can be represented as a short report connected to a particular subject. Moreover, conclusions and introductions of any essay are also written in the form of a summary.

There are different types of essays that require various writing, including analytical, evaluative and descriptive writing among others. The type of writing you have to use in your paper is generally seen from its title. Still, if you want to write a high-quality paper, you will have to use more than one writing type. You are free to choose what types of writing to combine. The most important thing is to use them in such a way that they could complement each other. For example, using of descriptive and evaluative types of writing together will make your paper look more informative. 

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