Jun 4, 2018
category: Art

1. Hammer Museum

I paid a visit to the Hammer Museum in Westwood, Los Angeles. The museum holds a small collection containing impressionists, as well as the post-impressionist art. It has almost 7,500 French works done by Honore Daumier. I came to realize that these are the biggest collections existing outside Paris. Fine paintings are also notable from a distance. After enquiry, the paintings were done by Titian, Chardin and Rembrandt. There is a wide collection of both American and European art in the museum. Many sculptures are also notable inside the museum. Hammer museum has enough parking spaces even for those with disabilities. Moreover, there is a store in the museum with a wide range of books describing design, art and architecture. That bookstore provides more than ten thousand titles that range from the ancient arts to the contemporary art.

Hammer store also provides a unique collection of gifts, and jewelry altogether with hand-made items. There is also a gift shop that is filled with original and reasonably priced items. Ammo is located adjacent to Hammer Museum’s tranquil courtyard and offers seasonal sandwiches, soups, salads and Paninis that are prepared from famer’s produce along with other locally-distributed ingredients. The best part was the Armand Hammer Collection that was full of old masters. I was able to trace several exhibitions in the museum including monographs, sculptures altogether with amazing collections in the museum. Most importantly, I had a chance to enter the video library that features seminal actions from the 1960s to present days. This includes works of artists including Vito Acconci, Isaac Jullien, Bruce Nauman and Chris Burden among many other famous artists. In addition to the works in the video art, Hammer Video Library consists of selections of its public programs, documents of discussions, conversations among many others. I was able to select the videos from the bookstore.

2. Norton Simon Museum

The other destination was the Norton Simon Museum that appeared the most remarkable of all. It has astonishing collection of the European art of up to the 20th century. It has also collections from Southeast and South of Asia that trace their way back 2,000 years ago. The museum also has contemporary and modern art originating from Europe, as well as the United States. From enquiry, the museum accommodates more than 12,000 items. Most of these objects are viewed in gardens and galleries. Most importantly, two of the temporary exhibitions feature rotating installation of artworks that are on a temporary display. The museum has a wide collection of masterpieces done by Degas, Rembrandt, Goya and Picasso. In addition, the blue four collections by Jawlensky and Feininger appear all impressive. The entire collections of paintings, pastels, print and sculptures done by the French impressionist Degas Edgar represent the best work of art in the world.

Moreover, the sculpture garden appears to be the best garden I ever visited. The place has a pond containing water lilies and tadpoles seem clear from a close distance. I enjoyed the entire puma sculpture along a dirt trail. The works are well-displayed in the way that one can get a clear view of all the works of art presented in the museum. The bird in space is one of the best eye-catchers around the museum. It appeared that the real gem in Norton Simon Museum is their Asian collections. To me, spending almost all of my time in the galleries presenting Southeastern Asia and South Asian art was an option. The place was impressive and worth of my time. The entire works of art are combined with the museum’s gorgeous weather. The Norton Simon Museum has a rich presentation of art and is worth visiting again.

3. Skirball Cultural Center

This is an educational center in Los Angeles that is devoted to sustaining Jewish heritage altogether with the American democratic ideals. My visit remains a moment to recall due to the changing exhibition, music and theater activities, film events, cultural and literary programs and comedy. The surrounding landscape in the area depicts the layout of its master plan. The building designs are loaded with broad arts of culture with religious and social meanings. There is a library that has recently emerged as a popular site for weddings in the Salt Lake City. The place is intertwined with landscape, outdoor rooms, gardens and rich designs of architecture.

Most importantly, the site introduces one to a groundbreaking housing project that has been inspired by hillside villages in native Israel. The building is an unusual Montreal and a concrete structure with modular forms made of fabricated materials. These spawn a series of several projects utilizing these experimental techniques in construction. Every year the work of art becomes a vital touchstone for symbols of periods in the future. I was able to enjoy the taste of ideal controversy that surrounds Sadfie’s projects. These included the Jerusalem Holocaust History Museum concrete tunnel that is triangular in shape. The roofs are able to let light into the museum during the day with many clerestories and skylights. They have been built using stainless steel that reflects the clouds altogether with the blue skies of California. The Noah’s Ark in Skirball is another work of art that is designed in order to create excitement in many generations. It offers a multi-sensory and an interactive experience in the museum. I was also able to board the gigantic wooden ark in attempts to play, build, collaborate and climb alongside the handcrafted fanciful animals. Skirball Center was one of my best visits in Los Angeles.

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