Sep 3, 2019
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Considering the extremely deep meaning of Jesus divinity and inability of human mind to comprehend its essence, it is necessary to mention our human limitations. That is why I decided to rely on the Bible to find out a truth for myself. The Bible gives a lot of different views on the personality of Jesus Christ which can evidence that He is divine. Nevertheless, I looked through a few different sources and opinions to fully create my own judgement. I do believe that Jesus Christ is divine.

First of all, one ought to understand what a divinity is and who or what can be considered divine. Definitions vary a lot mainly because there are different systems of beliefs. One ought to respect all of them. Some consider every living being to be divine or, on the contrary, believe that no one can be such. In general, divine beings are those who are somehow connected with the God, Supreme Being, or Creator. Miracles, prophesies, salvations and resurrections can also be regarded as divine. In other words, this way supernatural beings or events are called. Christ is a part of Christianity; thus I would continue my thoughts from the Christian perspective referring to the Bible from time to time.

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One can find roots of Jesus divinity in The Old Testament, namely from the Book of Isaiah. The prophet mentioned that concerning the baby was born to us. His name is Mighty God, Everlasting Father (The English Standard Version Bible, Is. 9.6), and He shall be called the God of the whole earth (Is. 54.5). No one should doubt that this prophecy concerns the child Jesus. It is clear that prophet Isaiah calls Jesus the Eternal God. As “only begotten”, true Son of Great Maker, and there is no doubt that Jesus is God, equal with the Father in power and glory.

If one continues to look through the Bible, one will eventually find a lot of clues regarding divinity of Christ. It would be strange not to find such words in, probably, the only evidence of His divinity. There are plenty of written words of His apprentices who recognized this fact. There appeared words about His right to judge all those who live and those who are gone to meet the Creator (2 Tim. 4.1). In the canonical Gospels in the Acts of the Apostles and the Pauline Epistles, He is not only the Messiah but also God himself. Apostle Paul calls Jesus “our great God and Savior” (Titus 2.13). He [Jesus] is also referred to as a Creator (John 1.3). It is hard to ignore the words of Christ, as He often associated himself with Yahweh. Not only His preaches but His deeds may lead one to consider Him being divine. He used to do and say things tor which only godlike beings have a right. Very often Christ referred to himself as Son of a Man. For example, when there was the trial He said that He is the Son of a Man (Mrk 14). Jewish considered that only God has the ability to forgive sins and to heal. According to the Bible, from time to time, Jesus’s actions showed His true identity (Mrk 2.3-12).

Nevertheless, there are those who have no doubts of Jesus divinity believing that the strongest evidence is love to Christ. The Christianity has three main branches, which are the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches and Protestantism divided into many denominations. The interesting thing is that adherents of all of them love Christ, despite religious differences. I attempted to find another person that is as much loved all over the world. There are Buddha, Krishna, and other personalities but none of them is worshiped on the same scale, and none of them made divine claims

If one would have a task to name a person that has no sins at all, I strongly doubt that one would name anyone except Jesus Christ. It is the prerogative only of God Himself – only a divine creature can be pure in that way. And as long as people are in their bodies they will feel the law of the flesh (Rom. 7.23). When one says that he/she is pure, he/she deceives himself-herself. Only Jesus was sinless while being in a human body.

In conclusion, to decide either Christ is divine is up to a particular person who has that question in mind. Having read the parts of the Bible regarding Jesus divinity, I can say, that He is divine. I know that people have different thoughts concerning this matter and they might disagree with me, yet this is what I concluded after reading the Bible. No matter was Jesus the God himself or was He a Son of God or not, such person is absolutely divine. He died because He loved all people and died for their sins. I feel that any person that has died to protect others is divine. People would barely remember such persons ages after, some might not know them at all. There were many such individuals that had given their lives for others, but only the death of Jesus Christ had enough power to group people and create the most widespread religion in a very short time. This means that during His not long life Christ has managed to create the image of a very respectful and wise man. He taught the prophets, tried to save as many people as it was possibilities but Judah betrayed Jesus just because Christ had an unbelievable trust in every person He met. People still love Jesus all over the world. They find inspiration in His words, sometimes His teachings can help in a very hard life situation. Anyone who says that God does not exist still knows Christ. In my opinion, if He indeed was just a man as many would say, then He is even more divine because there was and still is no any person who could have done everything that Jesus has done.

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