Jun 4, 2018
category: Art

James Turrell’s Art Expo in Austin at the University of Texas is a great experience. The Skyspace gives its visitors a noble feeling. To have a chance to see the changing light sequence which one can experience up to a period of one hour is fascinating. It is great to see light which is different from the natural light of the sky. It gives one an idealistic feeling of what sky space should be. These light sequences created by Turrell mostly occur during sunrise and sunset. During other hours of the day, one sees little or no difference from the natural environment. At sunrise and sunset, one has a chance to see a different light sequence emanating from the sky space.

The Skyspace offers a different environment from a natural sky, thus giving the visitors a dream sky. That is, one has an opportunity to experience an imaginary light in real life. At sunrise, a green-like light emanates from the sky space. This gives the visitor an awesome view, since at this time, the sky is normally grey, with yellow or orange traces. A green-like color is very fascinating and it gives the sky a dreamlike feeling. At first, the green-like appearance comes as a surprise and one feels as if they were fantasizing. To realize that the experience is real, one feels that they want to prolong the experience of observing the awesome sky. This lasts approximately one hour as after that the sky space takes a different appearance. This appearance is close to that of the natural sky; therefore, it does not give much impression. This continues to the better part of the day, with the color of the sky space ranging from very green-blue to blue blending with grey.

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At sunset, the sky space gives another amazing light sequence. At this time, purple or lilac light emanates from the sky space. This is quite different from what the natural sky looks like. At this time, the natural sky is slowly turning grey, with fading yellow traces. The sky space gives a purple appearance, which looks much nicer than the usual color of the natural sky. This also lasts for a period close to one hour; then it starts assuming the color of the natural sky. Throughout the night, there are no changes in the light sequence that are worth noting. These two experiences of changing light sequences at the art expo leave an impression of a dream light; that is, the light that one sees in dreams or in fantasy. They also bring to mind the thought of perfect art, hence, the best that mankind can make through art to contradict nature. It is also inspiring. It shows that it is possible to get at that which one thinks is too high to reach. The possibility of creating that dream world through art comes to mind.

The sight and the experience at the art expo leaves one wondering to what extent human beings are willing to explore their imagination. It seems as if there was no limit to what people can set to achieve. It is a challenging sight and at the same time, it leaves one with many unanswered questions. It inspires one to pursue whatever they desire to achieve. Also, it appears to be an example of exploiting the human ability beyond the norm. It gives the viewer the feeling that it is possible to realize that which seems too hard to achieve in art, as well as in life. Therefore, if it is possible to create a sky space that gives such an awesome sight and allows the public to pay visits as they please, then it is possible to get to any heights in the field of art.

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