Jun 5, 2018
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Implementation involves a process used to turn strategies altogether with plans into relative actions in attempts to accomplish strategies goals and objectives (BrysonAlston, 2010). It is vital for Hewlett Packet (HP) to implement its strategies. All strategies of the company are based on ensuring medical intervention through the development of software for both product and service delivery. It has to put into action its intention to develop and distribute software to facilitate medical intervention. Its implementation plan will have to involve al the key elements of the company including its products and services, its financial plans, marketing plans, human resource plans, technology, internet and web planning.

Hp has its plans in place meaning that wasting time, energy and not imp0lementing the same can be discouraging. It is vital to get the company’s strategies ready for the implementation process through avoidance of any implementaion pitfalls. Most importantly, all bases should be covered completely and ensuring that there is full support of all the elements required. Such elements include the human in the company. It is vital to ensure that there are right people that will ensure that the strategies are implemented. These people range from financial accountants, human resource heads, web designers as well as product as service developers. These are people with necessary competencies alongside required skills needed to support implementation of plans. Moreover, it would be necessary to engage in particular activities during the implementation process (BrysonAlston, 2010). These activities include training of staff members, new hires or recruitment in order to acquire new skills and competencies needed by the new strategies.

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In addition, the company should ensure that there are necessary resources including funds and time that support the implementation of the strategies. Financial resources will have been planned by the financial accountants. It will be necessary to avoid underestimation of true costs or even failing to identify them since this can lead to huge problems in future. True costs include realistic time commitments needed from staff members in order to achieve goals and objectives. They also involve a clear determination of all expenses linked with tactic or even unexpected cost overruns through the vendor. All employees should also have necessary time required to implement. The time can include additional activities that they may currently be unaware or not performing. In this case, all employees should be made aware of their roles in implementation of the new plans (BrysonAlston, 2010). This will be enhanced by training and development, compensation and compliance with the existing rules and regulations. All employees need to be closely integrated into strategies and vision of the company in order to find effective solutions altogether with optimization of personnel. This way, the company needs to work close to the human resource department to ensure effective implementation of the plans.

Structure is a key element during the implementation of strategies in the company. It is crucial for HP to set its structure in management alongside appropriate lines in authority. It should also develop clear and open channels of communication with its employees that will ensure effective and smooth flow of information. The company will develop a plan owner alongside regular strategy meetings that will enhance easy ways of putting its structure into action (Vurro, 2009). There will be meetings to help in reviewing progress in the implementation process. These meetings will be held annually, monthly and quarterly and will depend on level of activity altogether with time frame for the plans. There will also be the top management that will enhance all activities of other departments to enhance implementation process. Clear lines of communication will be encourages in case of any problems during implementation of the strategies. All issues will be addressed under clear channels to enhance credibility of the entire process (Rowley, & Sherman, 2004). Therefore, the clear structure in authority will enhance effective implementation of the entire strategies.

Most importantly, the systems will have to be implemented to ensure complete and effective operation. Both technology and management systems will play significant roles in tracking progress of plans and ensuring quick adaptation. In this case, clear milestones should be created into the plans that should be achieved with stipulated time frames. The company should develop a scorecard in order to incorporate progress milestones and tracking. Technology, internet, and web planning are the major strategies of the company. All these should be enhanced in the implementation plan to ensure unmatched users’ viewing experience and develop a layout. This will help to familiarize with the interactive nature of its programming. The company should also establish measurable marketing altogether with an e-commerce policy, which will allow scalability and accountability. All these will be possible through effective implementation of the company’s systems of operations.

Another vital issue to consider in implementation process is the culture of the organization. The management should develop an environment connecting its employees to its mission and makes them conformable. It is important to reward success in order to reinforce importance of focus on strategies and vision.  The company should also develop creative positive alongside negative consequences for achievements or failures in implementation of strategies. Moreover, the company should take time in its implementation stages and view the product’s life cycle as well as the customer’s lifetime values. It should be guided by its vision towards complete satisfaction of its employees and customers (Rowley, & Sherman, 2004). After all the above is achieved, HP should set up annual review dates that include new assessments along with large group meetings for annual plan reviews.

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