Mar 29, 2020
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The US Border Patrol Agency has been influenced by factors that greatly affect its way of operation. It is affirmed that the management of every organization reflects on the current and future trends of the organization. This is due to their way of operations; whether they are active or reluctant, or if they are keen on carrying out their work to perfection. Consequently, the attacks of September, 11, 2011 left the agency in a queer state. The normal security operations at the border were ongoing, and yet the incident occurred. It is noted that more than 58,000 men and women have volunteered themselves in protecting US citizens against terrorist attacks and fostering economic protection through facilitation of a secure legitimate trade at the border. The steps taken by these individuals indicate that the preferred bodies have not been able to perform their duties to the required standards, a condition that obligated the men and women to lend a hand in offering protection in the course of their trade activities (Mumme, 2005).

Studies indicate that leadership development in the Border Patrol Agency has never been imperative. This means that the patrol agents are not given the required training, a condition that leaves their work under rated. For instance, the US-Mexican border has been left to drug traffickers, and illegal trade is said to be a common practice. This is as a result of the advanced techniques of immigrants and drug traffickers, which patrol agents are not aware of. All these complications are the result of the management body. The Office of the Border Patrol is eligible for all operations at the border. It is entitled to assign informed officers to the borders that are vulnerable to illegal acts (Cornelius, 2001). Journalists have also reported the incidents of the US Border Patrol agents escorting drug cartels. This means that the officers in charge go to the border to look for money instead of protecting the US citizens.

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However, the border patrol officers are entitled to ensure that illegal acts are not carried out in the border. Contrary, studies affirm that the police have been noted to cause deaths at the border, especially to illegal immigrants and drug traffickers. This is not their role, since they are required to apprehend persons who violate immigration rules. The management is aware of these acts, and yet no lawful steps have been taken on the issue. When this issue was presented to the congressional hearing, the members pointed out that the alleged officers would be detained (Schneider, 2000). Again, it is noted that the US satellite images are clear and that anybody can read their emails. This indicates that the top leadership officials of the US Border Patrol Agency are aware of the acts committed by the junior personnel. In addition, studies indicate that the number of arrests and convictions by patrol officers represent only a fraction of the agents involved in drug abuse and misbehavior at the border as affirmed by Cornelius (2001).

Alternatively, the culture of the US Border Patrol Agency contributes a lot to the way activities are carried out at the border. The patrol agents are said to have a culture of abuse. This is a result of many crimes that are committed by law enforcement officers. Their corrupt deeds are also reflected during their normal operations. It is affirmed that officers lead in taking bribes and in hiding drug cartels in the country. They are, however, responsible for the way the illicit drugs enter the country and their distribution in the entire country. It is also indicated that migrants are not taken care of. Migrants have complained of being ignored even when they are ill. They are not given water and their cries are not listened to. This depicts the cruelty of the border patrol agents (Mumme, 2005).

The US Border Patrol Agency is encompassed by a systematic chain of governance. The Office of the Border Patrol Agency is said to deliver the messages on the way activities are carried out. The patrol agents are entitled to ensure that immigrants do not enter the country without permission. They should also investigate the immigrants with the employment of improved devices that help to detect every substance in possession by the immigrants. Again, the trading activities are monitored by a specific body that deals with commerce and agricultural activities. On the other hand, the Office of the Border Patrol is the headquarters of the original federal statute responsible for the work carried out at the border. The law states that terrorist activities and behavior should not be carried out at all US borders (Mumme, 2005). In the year 2005, the office of the border patrol published a strategy that helped to curb the practices at the US borders. The strategy aimed to improve the activities at the borders and to reduce crimes on top of reducing the number of deaths at the US borders.

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Various stakeholder groups have been noted to boost the activities of the Border Patrol Agency. Government stakeholder personnel’s have sponsored the agency, resulting in improved operations on top of well trained personnel. A Government stakeholder group, the Minus, has provided $49 billion which is targeted to fence the US borders in efforts to reduce the level of illegal immigrants entering the country. As mentioned earlier, community groups have been noted to participate actively in reporting cases of illegal trade at the borders. The members involved in trading activities are mostly found at the Arizona desert that is 200 miles away from the border. The people suffer a lot and are obligated to trade with foreign citizens at the border (Walsh, 2008).

The climate of the US Border Patrol Agency is seen to be influenced negatively by the persons in contact with the agency. In order to improve the works of the agency, the management should train its personnel to standards that help to curb the acts carried out when they are unaware as affirmed by Walsh, (2008). The management should also impose strict measures to the patrol agents who violate the code of ethics. This will help to scare them from committing murder on top of taking bribes. Availability of border watch groups will facilitate smooth operations since all the operations will be monitored by the upper management. In addition, the management should build new strategies that will help to protect terrorists from entering the country. This will be achieved through provision of a workforce that will obey immigration laws and show great concern to the migrants.

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