Jun 6, 2018
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An education system that is fully supported by technology would be highly effective in developing an interest of learning among the youth in America. What would be a better way of educating the youth than to primarily create an interest in them to embrace education? In order to make learning effective, learners must also be active contributors. Through internet, learners are able to access a wide range of information that is significant for their academics. Therefore, I would design an education system that revolves around technology. I would also design an education system that has a standardized curriculum where the national government controls what all the students in all the states are learning. This is because, at the end of the system, these young people from school are expected to serve the same society with the skills and knowledge acquired from school.

Therefore, it is significant that they learn similar content and skills. In society today, technology has made handling numerous aspects in the society easier especially learning new things. The education system also requires enhancement of technology in order to make learning for the youth in America better and easier to acquire (Carr, 22). In order to improve the education system in future, I would incorporate technology fully into the education system as a major way of acquiring academic information. Primarily, computers and the internet are very efficient when it comes to accessing information. Students and teachers can upload assignments and academic notes through the internet. Basically, what is important is that the learner acquires information from a particular source. In the modern world, it has been proved that the internet has a great load of diverse information concerning anything in this world. The education system of America is incorporated with diverse issues in form of courses and subjects that students are expected to learn (Wilson, 128).

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According to Nicholas Carr, the internet has turned out to a universal medium, the channel for accessing most of the data which we access and it flows in our brains. The information that is stored in the internet is very diverse and innovative (Carr, 31). The American youths in school are also innovative and actually they would learn a lot form the internet, both academic and social issues. Sherry Turkle suggests in her book that computers have significantly influenced the perspective of people concerning the world. She continues to state that the effects of technology will continue to elevate in the future. In my design for the education system, I would take advantage of the continual wide spread of technology to upgrade its standards. There is so much information from the internet that the youth in American schools would benefit from.

Apart from the internet, Sherry continues to site the different applications such as word processing and PowerPoint that are incorporated in the education system. Citing from her discussion, these applications could be effective in the education system. The word processing application enables the students to be better writers (Carr, 67) Unlike writing on paper, the word processing application makes it simpler to arrange paragraphs, revise the text, and even modify the shape of a piece. The PowerPoint application improves the presentation skills of the students. In this education system, it would be appropriate to scrape off schooling among the youth in America. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information in the internet that students would learn form, they still require guidance on how to assimilate it. Therefore, it is significant that learners should have tutors, either in for of a human teacher or technological simulators.

Basically, an education system should not only focus on enlightening the learners only about academic issues but also contemporary issues in the society. I would only design the education system in a way that the students would not have to attend school to learn. Primarily, it is important to realize that the world is highly changing due to the influence of technology. Basically, every aspect in the society, today, is being handled technologically and the major purpose of education is to prepare students on the ways of existing in the modern society. Therefore, technology should be incorporated fully in the education system.

Moreover, with the introduction of technology fully in the education system, students would not have to attend school. Communication between the teachers and the students would be made easier by the use of computers and the internet. This means that the teachers can deliver the academic notes to the students through the internet. Moreover, the students can conduct their exams and send them to the teachers through online (Turkle, 151). Still, I would incorporate the simulation technology in the education system still as way of ensuring that the students do not have to attend school to learn. The advanced simulation technology is built in a way to give the virtual environment a voice. This means that the networked communication can deliver information through voice.

Therefore, the learners can use the simulation technology any where to receive knowledge or training. Using this form of technology in the education system in America, learners would not have to attend school. In the future, accessing this form of networked communications will be a bit easier because technology is growing at a very high rate. Through this, the number of students within a class would reduce, thus making smaller classes. Overcrowding is an issue that affects the effectiveness of learning in a class (Wilson, 102). First, the teacher is able to control the class and attend to every need of the student. In my design of the education system, it would be my objective to have smaller classes within the schools. Smaller classes would mean having fewer students in school thus making them manageable. Therefore, I would make it optional to attend school by incorporating technology in the education system as long as the teacher and the student can meet through online. In this form of education system, students will be granted the liberty to choose their subjects.

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Basically, at high school the learners should select their choice of subjects. Different subjects have content that cover different issues and skills. This increases the performance of the learners because they are usually handling their fields of interest. Moreover, this would be a way of laying a foundation of a particular field that the learner would prefer to further in the college. In this education system, I would want students to have a minimum selection of subjects to be studied. Learning few subjects reduces the workload of the students and they are able to learn the few they have widely, for instance by researching further from the internet. In this future education system, I would prefer that students would have to study in school for the sake of certificates but for the acquisition of a particular skill. This is one of the major reasons for encouraging the selection of preferred subjects by the young learners.

Consequently, choosing subjects would also influence the choice of teachers. Teachers highly contribute to the attitude of the learners towards a particular subject (Wilson, 123). In the future, learners will completely have the free will to either choose a teacher or a simulator to acquire learning. Nicholas Carr suggests that a quick access to a significantly rich store of data which is broadly described and applauded. Therefore, the role of a teacher is getting minimized with the continual spread of technology. It is evident that majority of the youth prefer accessing the internet to gather information.

In my education system, I would make the school days shorter. This is because, apart from encouraging acquisition of data, I should promote independence among the students. The learners should learn the skill of researching for information in order to excellence in school. They should spend an average period with their teachers during the day and the other part of the day learning on their own. Basically, this technique would require the teachers to issue adequate assignments and projects to the students to perform on their own. Majority of the students will prefer to rely on the computers and internet to handle their tasks (Turkle, 153).

Basically, I support technology for the education system because, it not only provides a lot of information for the learners, but also information is easily accessed thus making education interesting for the youth. Naturally, the youth are commonly interested in functions that entice them, especially when carrying them out. It is obvious that majority of the young learners are not highly fascinated by education. Therefore, I would design an education system that is also interesting for them to get highly motivated. It is clear that that technology is a fascinating aspect among the youth in the current society.

In conclusion, incorporating an education system that is fully technology based would be appropriate to facilitate the learning of the youth because it not only fascinates them but also broadens their knowledge and skills.


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