Oct 15, 2020
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Today, the question of the personal philosophy of an individual draws more and more attention to itself. It is connected with the fact that it determines the way a person thinks about many important life questions and different things, how he or she feels and reacts to them, and what personal assessment of these issues and concerns he or she makes. Everyone has personal philosophy even if philosophy as such is not included in the range of the persons interests. At the same time, some people have clearly articulated understanding and awareness of their philosophy of life, and some may not be aware of its presence but surely may be guided by it. The personal philosophy is the totality of the most significant moral, ethical, and spiritual principles of an individual, which form the vision of the world with all its components and his or her attitudes towards them. In general, it is a persons attitude toward the life in general and its main aspects and in particular, to himself or herself and others. That is why, for determining personal philosophy and the philosophical positions in relation to a person, nursing, environment, education, and research as the principal areas of the life activity should be considered due to its complex nature (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015). The personal philosophy is my lifestyle, personal rule, values, and frames which should not be betrayed.

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The philosophy of a person is the way he or she perceives himself or herself and how he or she sees his or her place and role in society. Besides, this notion includes the rules and principles of the behavior that a person sets himself or herself (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015). In this case, the personal philosophical position is characterized by the desire to contribute to society and help people with the altruistic motives to the extent of the abilities even if it is in the form of little but ongoing acts. To live according to the norms of morality, respect the parents, appreciate friends, use to the maximum all the opportunities that life offers, and to believe that person has something good are the reasons why personal philosophy of a person exists. In relation to other people, my main principles are the tolerance, tact, understanding, and mutual respect.

Concerning the philosophy of nursing, the main principle is to perform the obligations entrusted to me with full responsibility and the understanding of the importance of the work and correspond to the standards of highly qualified medical personnel. First and foremost, such parameter is the personal accountability that promotes the formation of the objective self-assessment as well as professional and personal growth. The presence of the comprehensive knowledge and self-control are the qualities that are typical for a good nurse whom the life and health of the patient can be trusted (Kutin, 2013). Compassion, humanity, patience, understanding, and respect for patients and colleagues are those qualities that the nurse should cultivate. First of all, the fundamental rule is to understand that healthcare provider is working with people who need help and care and to realize the role of nurses in the course of patients treatment (New Health Advisor, 2016).

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Health is the most precious thing that a person can have. Therefore, in terms of health philosophy, it is important to emphasize my serious attitude to the question of its maintenance and preservation in good condition. The basic principles of personal health philosophy are built on the understanding of the value of good nutrition, a sufficient amount of the physical activities, and proper sleep, which are the guarantee of well-being and proper functioning of the body. It is essential to respect the work of the body and provide maximum support by ensuring a sufficient number of the necessary vitamins and minerals, oxygen, muscle- and cardio-exercises, and rest (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2015). Another rule of personal method of guaranteeing a well-being is the total avoidance of the use of tobacco, alcohol, and other toxic substances that destroy the organism and mental condition as well as reduce the life expectancy.

Formulating the personal values and priorities regarding the issue of the environment, the awareness of responsibility for the preservation of nature for future generations becomes the guiding principle. An individual must live in the harmony with the environment and should not lead the parasitic way of living. Everybody should understand that because of the unreasonable use of all natural goods and pollution as well as of the results of peoples life activities, the planet has been depleted, which makes life on it more and more difficult (Kluge, 2009). Therefore, people have to be far-sighted and think about not only today but also tomorrow. My philosophy also states that everybody can make a contribution to the improvement of the state of the environment and reduction of the harmful influence of the human factor with the help of daily choices and even small but regular useful actions.

Another important aspect of life is education and the way people relate to it, which can determine its role and effectiveness in their lives. Education is the key to success because it gives the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Learning can make a person a qualified and competent specialist. Moreover, people must not forget the important role of self-learning and continuous updating of knowledge because it is demanded by the changeable modern world. The main thing is to set specific goals and objectives while studying (Gutek, 2009). When a person knows what she or he wants to achieve and what to aspire, an individual may receive more motivation and pleasure from the process. The more a person knows, the better personality and professional he or she may become. Thus, an individual can bring society and himself or herself more good.

During the study, one must adhere to the rules and principles emanating from the set goals. My approach is to understand the problem, identify its aspects, and look at it from the different angles. The objectivity, impartiality, concentration, and desire to see the main essence even if it is hidden are personal philosophical principles for the conduct of research. The latter is something that demands from a person structure, complex thinking, the correct placement of semantic accents, and full coverage of the issue. Furthermore, in the study of any issue, it is necessary to be attentive to the details because they can often play a significant role.

The personal philosophy of a person serves as a guide for life. It defines the way he or she sees and reacts to the different life situations, phenomena and processes; how he or she perceives the world; and what rules and principles drive his or her behavior and thoughts. My personal philosophy is to live according to my conscience. The important rule for me is also to think about the possible consequences of each of my actions and decisions and to be prepared to take the responsibility for them. The principal life motive is to live my life for something, trying hard to be useful for the world and the people. Responsibility and awareness of the importance of all that an individual is engaged in make him or her conscious and reliable. Decency, integrity, humanity, consciousness, diligence, and sense of justice are those qualities which a good person should have and these are what I try to strive for. When a person knows what it is important to him or her, what he or she appreciates, what he or she wants to achieve, and what methods would be acceptable, an individual clearly sees the big picture of his or her life that makes most of the decisions and choices much easier to take.


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