Aug 3, 2020
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American Society for Neurochemistry

The American Society for Neurochemistry (ASN) (2016) site contains a broad range of information on various topics. The homepage has different links to the sections devoted to meetings, publications, membership, employment, awards, and resources. In the ‘About’ section, it is described that the organization aims to promote and to contribute to cellular and molecular neuroscience. In the ‘Meetings’ section, ASN (2016) mentions that members should pay fees, which are required for the attendance of the ASN 2017 meeting in Little Rock, Arkansas. The website also has books published by the organization: Basic Neurochemistry Textbook and ISN Neurochemistry News.

The site is useful since it provides the information that every member might need. Additionally, every potential member might find the answers to his or her questions. For instance, the site has a detailed history starting from the establishment of the society and its first transaction in 1970. It also provides contacts such as the phone number (407-909-9064) to the public that wants to reach the members of an organization directly. The site is also useful to the job seekers since it contains the current vacancies.

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Having analyzed the website, one can receive three critical aspects about ASN. First, in the ‘About’ section, it is evident that the organization is mainly involved in research activities. Therefore, it is constantly developing and encouraging professionals to participate. Secondly, besides qualified professionals, students can also join the system. Therefore, one can notice that ASN is also concerned with improving the skills of students and new members. Lastly, the site has rules and guidelines that govern the conduct of the members. Obviously, it is a regulated organization.

The site is appropriate for the members and those intending to join the ASN organization since it contains the needed information about neurochemistry. Besides, it is also valuable since it has a journal. Finally, it promotes participation in the research as it gives awards for the winners.

Personally, I am motivated to learn more about the procedure of doing a research in the neurochemistry field and to help to contribute to the growing body of neuroscience. I am an intuitive person. It assisted me in finding the right information on the website. Besides, it inspires me to create new ideas. My qualities and skills allow me to belong to this profession. However, I would like to develop the art of being more social with people since the occupation involves meetings and discussions to spearhead the agendas of the organization.

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American College of Medical Informatics

The American College of Medical Informatics (AMIA) (2016) site has information about professionals and students who are involved in the field of biomedical informatics. The website has the membership section, news and publications, programs, education, meetings and events, public policy and career center. The ‘About’ section explains that the site is a ‘home of leading informaticians.’ The site also provides updates on the symposiums of the professionals in the ‘Knowledge Center’ section, where the review on the last conference in Hilton, San Francisco, in 2015 is available. The ‘Program’ section indicates that one of the aims of the organization is to collaborate with nurses.

The site is helpful because it provides specific directions for the users who are willing to join. Additionally, it is stated that joining the organization gives its members an access to educational and informational resources regarding science and informatics which are applied to the field of biomedicine and health. The site also has a career center, where job seekers in the area of informatics can find employment. Furthermore, the organization encourages inter-professional collaboration, which is necessary for the growth of knowledge in the field of informatics. Therefore, this information can help anybody who is interested in the profession.

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One can learn several things from the site. First, AMIA organization improves collaboration with the areas such as public health. Thus, it promotes teamwork. Secondly, AMIA is involved in policy implementation in various fields related to the health and informatics. Lastly, AMIA does not only limit membership to qualified professionals. It also encourages students who are willing to learn about informatics to join.

The overall interface of the site is appealing since it has photos of actual informaticians. Additionally, the place for the members to join the organization is easily recognizable from the site. One can also access various websites as the links are bold.

I would like to learn more about the sub-branch of AMIA, called the American College of Medical Informatics (ACMI) because it only cooperates with the competent informaticians, who would help me to improve my knowledge in informatics. My intuitive character and a keen interest in mathematics and research can enable me to thrive in this occupation since it involves processing, storage, and retrieving data. However, I would like to boost my leadership skills since many informaticians are engaged in highly important projects.

American Society for Aesthetics

The American Society for Aesthetics (ASA) (2016) site indicates that the organization promotes research, discussion, and publications in aesthetics. Every person can become a member of the organization. ASA (2016) indicates that members of the organization receive electronic and print subscriptions to art criticism, aesthetic journal, and the ASA newsletters. The site also contains information on the current news, latest ideas about aesthetics, various resources such as journals, links to other aesthetic sites, and graduate guides.

The site is useful since it does not restrict membership. It also contains information where members and potential subscribers can access the organization leadership. The site also provides news about the charitable activities and other significant contributions to the organization. Additionally, the site is helpful because it has comprehensive resources that are educational. Current and potential members can access them to learn more about the aesthetic field. The updates on the current news and ideas are also vital since users could always know what is happening in the field.  

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Firstly, I learned from the site that it is inappropriate to restrict membership to an organization that contributes much to the society. ASA (2016) does not limit the number of professions that can join. Thus, it helps a great diversity of people who are involved in sociology, psychology, anthropology, and education to develop. Secondly, I learned that not only ASA cooperates with professionals, but also it contributes immensely to the society through donations. Lastly, the site gives data about allied professionals posting a link to a Facebook platform. It helped me learn that a professional organization can use social media in order to reach an audience.

However, the site is not user-friendly as the previous two. Though, it is easy to identify a place to join the aesthetic organization. Additionally, the ‘About’ section provides comprehensive information that can make the reader understand its main principals.

I would like to learn more about the contribution of aesthetics to the medical field. It would help me to care for the patients effectively and to improve the outcomes. Additionally, I appreciate the possibilities that give me a chance to develop in this field. Moreover, it is extremely important to develop communication skills to build a personal network of various practitioners related to the healthcare.

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