Jan 27, 2021
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Majoring in Applied and Computational Math Sciences (ACMS) is a dream coming true for me, which gives me the opportunity to pursuit my passion and interest at institution. This program provides broad comprehensive knowledge. It is offered along with other courses like Computer Science and Engineering. This course is created majorly for the individuals who have a zeal for using computational and mathematical ideas to solve real life situations. Due to the pervasive nature of mathematical and computational ideas in the job market and research sectors, ACMS has proved to be a lucrative major at the university. This program, therefore, gives students a comprehensive knowledge through training in applied and computational mathematical concepts that can be used in a daily life.

In the past, I developed a passion for scientific research and computational applications and especially, programming. This interest is growing due to the lucrative nature of courses of the scientific and computational domain. For example, frequent use of mathematical and computational techniques has greatly influenced and eased the comprehensive analysis of biological occurrences. For this reason, acquisition of mathematical skills is soon becoming an essential requirement for conducting effective research in various fields. The option I have chosen, however, narrows down to foundational methodologies and computational techniques required in solving real life problems.

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Several reasons motivated me to choose ACMS. First, double majors can be comfortably accomplished as long as the ACMS requirements are met. Equally, students who succeed in biological sciences are qualified to pursue Group II option electives. Considering the scope of ACMS programs, there are several options I can study depending on my interests. ACMS courses motivate students to integrate learned mathematical concepts in real-life situations. This program, therefore, produces well-equipped professionals for the global industry. Mathematically related quotes by various scholars have motivated me to choose ACMS major. For example, one of the quotes that I got from a magazine stated that gradual but steady zeal in mathematics is highly demanded by the job market hence offering good income in return. Upon completion of the ACMS major, there are lucrative job opportunities such as the derivative actuary, teacher programmer, risk analysis, budget and cost analysis amongst others. With the degree in ACMS, I can go for other graduate courses like medical imaging and computational molecular biology amongst others.

My academic scores match the admission requirements of the ACMS program. My qualification enhances my aspiration to major in ACMS. Moreover, ACMS programs offers a great variety of course options. For example, biological and life sciences, mathematical economics, social and behavioral sciences, engineering and physical sciences, discrete mathematics and algorithms, operational research, scientific computing and numerical analysis and statistics. Each course option has specific application qualifications. I personally chose Scientific Computing and Numerical Algorithms Option, which is the area I have the most interest in pursuing as a future employee targeting the industry. This particular option mainly involves computer simulation and engineering. In this option, the relationship between computers and mathematical models is emphasized. This option lies in mathematical evaluation and effective incorporation of numerical algorithms in solving real life problems. In this option, detailed mathematical models are used to provide a vivid forecast of a real life scenario, which eventually produces mathematical problems that can be handled using computational approaches. This program allows a student who has a double major in Computer Science to choose some of the Group I Electives like CSE 326 and other CSE courses to qualify for Group II Electives. I am competent to handle this program because of the knowledge in scientific computing, numerical simulations and numerical algorithms.

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My problem solving skills enhance my passion for this major. ACMS program offers such alternatives as CSE, mathematics and mathematics/CSE. Having completed CSE142 and CSE143 helped me realize that I am good at programming. CSE is closely related to scientific studies like engineering, mathematics and computer sciences. It is majorly focused on the creation of appropriate problem-solving techniques and reboot tools used in scientific and engineering problems. The study shows that this course will be vital in for my professional future. For the efficient study of computation processes, I am aware I must be flexible enough to acquire skills in scientific research and engineering equally. Therefore, numerical analysis empowers effective study of complicated systems to create a direct verification of these problems. Completion of the CSE courses was useful for my major, in particular, scientific computing and numerical algorithm. Applied and computational math sciences are highly relevant to real life problems occurring in the science and engineering sectors.

I am a keen and flexible person. ACMS courses are complicated in nature. Therefore, as a student, I know that I have to be psychologically tuned to manage the stress of the knowledge acquisition. Choosing a major can be a difficult task to most students. I was lucky to find my passion. Moreover, having a double major makes this course more intricate when the formulation of curriculum is done. After consulting various pieces of advice posted by the university and attending some of the ACMS advisory meetings I feel motivated and prepared for the task.

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These aspects strengthened my decision about the courses I want to complete as a parts of my major. I was lost trying to find a relevant major for myself but then I found ACMS Scientific Computing and Numerical Algorithms Option. I did consider it a dream come true. Upon completion of this program, I believe I can access various occupations, for instance, work at national laboratories. This profession has been in demand in the wake of rising new technologies, in particular, the acquisition, storage and processing of information. Therefore, I am confident that completion of the ACMS major will help me excel professionally. ACMS program offers several courses for the students who are equally interested in sciences and computational courses like programming. The CSE courses, which are closely related to the Scientific Computing and Numerical Algorithms Option, gave me the foundational knowledge prerequisite for my further studies. Due to the current trends in the industry, Scientific Computing and Numerical Algorithms Option is one of the most appropriate courses for a lucrative profession. I am confident that I can handle this major and become a successful professional.

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