Jul 11, 2020
category: Education

The United States of America is a recognized world leader in the number of foreign students studying at universities and colleges. Young people from China and other countries of the Eastern Asia as well as from Saudi Arabia go to the USA to get a higher education (McKenna). The educational establishments offer a huge selection of training programs, from standard and traditional to the unique and ultra modern. It is also due to the prestige and practice, which shows that training in the US universities provides further successful career (Naffee). However, it should be mentioned that education in the US for Saudi students presents both advantages and disadvantages.

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One should note that studying in the US is highly beneficial for any student. A high level of education and advanced scientific research infrastructure is available along with a chance to improve their English by interacting with native speakers. Moreover, since living abroad means the constant communication in a foreign language students find themselves in an unusual environment, among other nationalities, and it gives them experience in communication and dealing with various cultures, which is a necessary basis for a further international career. Furthermore, education abroad is a good way to create the international professional contacts that help start a career. In such a way, Saudi students learn new facts about the new lifestyle, an interesting world of traditions, and customs. They have the opportunity to learn about American culture, which includes stereotypes in the area of communication, food, music, and religion, as well as obtain the experience of how to adapt in overseas society. Living on the campus with the students from all over the world is also a good chance to compare everyday life and habits. Studying abroad is an opportunity to expand the horizons by traveling around the country as the USA is famous for a great number of attractions and unique places, which are worth seeing and are of a great historical and cultural significance.

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Along with the benefits of education in the US for Saudi students, there are some drawbacks. Firstly, it is the language barrier, as it can be hard to understand American English and react correctly and quickly in different situations when one is not used to it. It is also not easy to make friends with other students because people are different and everybody has to adapt in a foreign society. To solve this problem some universities organize cultural programs in order to find ways to achieve contact between the American and foreign students. Secondly, living far away from their Motherland young people miss their dearest and nearest. They have no possibility to visit their homes often, though nowadays modern devices help deal with this problem. Thus, they can connect with their relatives when there is a need to hear the voice of a loved one and feel the support. Finally, foreign students sometimes face the challenges connected to the attitude to religion. The USA is a multinational country, where one can find people with different religions, but the laws of humanity and respect for each other are equal and mandatory for all, therefore, they need to learn how to adapt to other surroundings and stand tall for their views.

Summarizing all above it should be noted that, in spite of a number of shortcomings, Saudi students have the opportunity to get an education in the best higher educational establishments of the world. In the future, after graduating and returning home, they will have a chance to use their knowledge and skills for infrastructure development and enrichment of their country.

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